Microsoft showcases magical technology that de-blurs blurry photographs

Click to enlarge Microsoft has figured out an innovative way of applying special ‘aided blind-deconvolution’ algorithms to blurry images, which will automatically remove the blur by using the ‘inertial measurement sensors’ (gyroscope) on the camera. You might ask which cameras have gyroscopes on them? Well, none, apart from of course, the iPhone 4. We are … Read more

The Ultimate Battle: Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras

Up until now, the DSLR’s supremacy in the arena of delivering top notch image quality and shooting experience was unrivalled. Then came about the mirrorless camera, which started as a small, unknown new catergory of cameras, but slowly has come to be, believe it or not, the thing that challenges the supremacy of the DSLR. … Read more