Watch: NASA’s Rs 7,785 crore asteroid-bound Lucy mission was in trouble, here’s how they rescued it

Lucy faced unexpected trouble when one of its solar arrays, which was supposed to unfurl like a hand fan, did not open. This caused tensions at the office back on earth as Lucy was intended to survive on solar energy while travelling afar from the sun. How NASA fixed Lucy solar array from Earth Soon … Read more

Earth spins faster than usual recording shortest day in history: here’s why it’s reason for worry

Highlights The shortest day on Earth was 1.59 milliseconds shorter than 24 hours. Scientists say the Earth could register more such shorter days, going forward. Tech companies have called against the ‘leap second’ strategy for compensating time. We do not really afford particular attention to how time works — and assume it to be a … Read more

Watch: 50-metre Chinese rocket re-enters Earth and disintegrates, video viral

The rocket was launched on July 24  to send a major laboratory module to the Tiangong space station. Given the unpredictable nature of Earth’s atmosphere, scientists feared that the debris might hit human-habitat parts of the US, Africa, Australia, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. However, no injuries have been reported so far. As per Reuters, NASA … Read more

AI predicts last selfies ever taken on earth, show apocalyptic scenes |

What is DALL-E and how did it predict selfies? The DALL-E artificial intelligence system was asked to create what it “believes” would be the final selfie a person ever took on earth. Using the information provided to it by Google’s servers, the AI created a series of images that show apocalyptic scenes of mutilated humans … Read more

Watch: Scientists turn dead spiders into robots, use them to pick up objects

A team of researchers at Rice University, USA, have recently discovered how to transform dead wolf spiders into robots and make them pick up objects by pumping air into their legs and extending them. They have named this invention as ‘Necrobotics’. According to the researchers, abilities of such “zombie robot spiders” can be purposed in … Read more

Moon colonisation: Scientists identify lunar pits that can act as shelters for astronauts

The pits’ temperatures are said to hover around 17 degrees Celsius, as against the general Moon’s surface temperature which can go up to 127 degrees Celsius during the day and fall as low as -183 degrees Celsius during the night. A day on the Moon lasts for 15 Earth days. What are these “thermally” stable … Read more

Best Split ACs in India 1.5 ton (July 2022): Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Twin-Cool, Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC, and more |

Gone are those days when ACs were a luxury due to their high prices and operating costs. Now, you have high-performance, energy-efficient ACs that don’t burn a hole in your wallet. With ever-increasing temperatures every year, this may be the best time to invest in an AC. Most people especially prefer split ACs for the … Read more

Here’s where you can see the Xiaomi CyberDog in India: price, what it does

Xiaomi CyberDog price, how to see According to a Xiaomi India statement, the CyberDog can be seen by users at Mi Home offline stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The company hasn’t mentioned for how long would the four-legged robot assistant be on show in India, or if this is a precursor … Read more

Instagram Chronological Feed: How to change Instagram feed to chronological order |

There are times when you do not see posts from people you follow on Instagram. It is a result of the feed refreshing constantly. And the posts on the homepage are not even sorted in a chronological manner. Instagram has fixed all these issues in a recent update by providing users with the option to … Read more

Find your mobile number: 7 easy methods to look for your mobile number from SIM, SMS, phone settings, and more |

So, you have just got your SIM card for the first time in your life. Now, you can call your friends and family, and browse almost anything, thanks to the internet. But there’s one caveat, remembering your mobile number. Let’s face it, 10 digit mobile numbers are not that easy to remember since you are … Read more