iOS 16 beta brings back iPhone battery percentage to status bar after 5 years

Because of this, the only option users have is to scroll down the control panel to see the current battery percentage. It was inconvenient for users to swipe down the panel every time just to check battery percentage; it still is. Thankfully those days of darkness are finally over, for iOS 16 beta users at … Read more

iOS 16 iCloud Shared Photo Library: Here’s How It Works

Apple’s iOS 16 revealed a fresh and unique way of sharing photos with friends and family. This can now be done with iCloud Shared Photo Library. This feature will be featured in iPhones with the iOS 16 software update coming this fall. Among the various new iOS 16 features, there is this new built-in feature … Read more

Apple Passkeys to Put an End to Passwords in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura

Apple earlier in May announced that it will be replacing password-only logins with a password-less sign-in standard created by the FIDO Alliance. Apple’s new Passkeys will allow users to sign in to apps and websites with Touch ID and Face ID, Apple executives confirmed in a media interview. The Passkeys login scheme uses iCloud Keychain … Read more

iOS 16 update tracker: release date, beta download, features, supported devices, and more |

iOS 16 is the new software that Apple announced for its iPhones at WWDC 2022. It is counted as one of the biggest iOS updates in years, owing to the array of features it tags along. The iOS 16 features list includes a new Lock Screen customization, better notification organizing, and many others. Other than … Read more

Apple iOS 16 Developer Beta 4 Released: What’s New And How To Download

Apple has released the iOS 16 Developer Beta 4. It brings a lot of bug fixes and some subtle cosmetic changes. It also introduces the Live Activities API that presents a dynamic widget with the respective app’s real-time data on the iPhone Lock Screen. There’s that and a lot more to unpack in this iOS … Read more

Apple iOS 16 Beta 3 Features You May Not Know About

Apple has rolled out the Beta 3 version of the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. We will go through the iOS 16 Beta 3 features, some of which, you may know and some you may not. And if you are interested in the release, we’ve got the iOS 16 Beta 3 download link too.  What is … Read more

How Does Apple Lockdown Mode Works? What It Does, And Should You Enable it?

Contrary to popular belief, Apple devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. iPhones have been the victim of both Pegasus and Hermit spyware. The latter was identified to have infected both iOS and Android handsets recently. So, it makes sense that Apple has come up with a protective measure against similar threats and attack scenarios for the … Read more

What is iPhone Lockdown Mode launched to protect users from targeted attacks: how to activate

The new lockdown mode is coming to iPad and MacBooks as well besides iPhones. This feature is claimed to protect against targeted cyber attacks. However, the feature isn’t meant for a general audience and is relevant to a very small percentage of users who might be targeted with threats/spyware, like the Pegasus attack. Apple lockdown mode … Read more