Chinese Official Sacked for Negligence, Video Game Addiction; Faces Criminal Investigation

A Chinese official has been sacked for negligence, video game addiction, and a litany of other offences, authorities said, after a woman barred entry to hospitals due to Covid-19 restrictions miscarried. Li Qiang, director of the medical emergency centre in the historic city of Xi’an, was among officials reprimanded in January over the scandal, which … Read more

Apple Supplier Quanta in Shanghai Faces Chaos Due to COVID-19 Lockdown: Report

Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City would seem like an ideal site to implement China’s “closed-loop” management system to prevent the spread of COVID that requires staff to live and work on-site in a secure bubble. Sprawled over land the size of 20 football fields, the campus houses factories, living quarters for 40,000 workers, some living 12 … Read more