Microsoft showcases magical technology that de-blurs blurry photographs

Click to enlarge Microsoft has figured out an innovative way of applying special ‘aided blind-deconvolution’ algorithms to blurry images, which will automatically remove the blur by using the ‘inertial measurement sensors’ (gyroscope) on the camera. You might ask which cameras have gyroscopes on them? Well, none, apart from of course, the iPhone 4. We are … Read more

The Ultimate Battle: Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras

Up until now, the DSLR’s supremacy in the arena of delivering top notch image quality and shooting experience was unrivalled. Then came about the mirrorless camera, which started as a small, unknown new catergory of cameras, but slowly has come to be, believe it or not, the thing that challenges the supremacy of the DSLR. … Read more

Nikon Coolpix P7000 makes an early flash, promising new delights for prosumers

Nikon Coolpix P7000 is the Nikon’s latest model in their Coolpix P series, which is about to come later this year, and has been exposed online. The site DPreview accidentally put images, specifications and pricing details about the product on their site yesterday. Even though the page was taken down after a while, it is … Read more

Mr C Sukumaran (Canon India) talks to us about the digital camera market in India and Canon’s latest launch, the EOS R6 Mk II

In the wake of the launch of a new camera from the stables of Canon, we had a little talk With Mr C Sukumaran  (Senior Director – Consumer System Products & Imaging Communication Business, Canon India) about their new camera the Canon R6 Mk II and a few other questions regarding the new innovations and … Read more

Sony launches world’s smallest interchangeable lens compact digital cameras

An article describing the Indian launch of Sony’s new compact digital cameras, the Nex series. The wait for a compact DSLR quality camera with interchangeable lenses is over with the launch of the new Sony NEX range of  compact digital cameras, which take images at 14.2MP resolution, and are the world’s lightest and smallest, mirror-less … Read more

Nikon patents versatile manual and electronic zoom lens for DSLR video recording

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Scientists developing ‘bug-eye’ camera that gives 180-degree view

Researchers around the world are working on a camera that has the ability to give users a 180-degree view. Researchers around the world are working on a camera that has the ability to give users a 180-degree view. The design of the camera takes a cue from arthropods that have 180-degree vision. For this purpose, … Read more

Top 3 large sensor cameras to buy instead of a DSLR under Rs 25,000

With smartphones doing the duty of a point and shoot camera, for daily casual shooting. You probably need a dedicated digital camera for those special occasions that demand significantly better image quality while assuring you the ability to capture good shots across any (challenging) light conditions. In such situations, a large sensor camera is your … Read more

Olympus E-330 shoots amazing stills, reveals deadly cancer cells on LCD

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