Top 5 new Windows 11 features to be excited about

Windows has introduced a new big Windows 11 update. This includes ChatGPT based Bing in the taskbar, Phone Link for iOS, a touch-optimised taskbar, and much more. Let’s talk about the top five things Microsoft has added to this new Windows 11 update.

1. ChatGPT-based Bing on Taskbar

Today, a new update is being released for Windows 11. With this update, ChatGPT based Bing search shortcut will be added to the taskbar.

Bing integration is something that Microsoft has been testing with Windows Insiders. It will appear inside the search box in the taskbar itself. The new chat answers experience will get highlighted in the search flyout too.

However, please note that the chat answers won’t be available directly within the search flyout. Users will first have to  start a Bing chat in Edge if they have access to the Bing preview.

The Bing preview is being tested across 169 countries. And it is expected that Bing preview will be expanded more by Microsoft.

2. Phone Link app for iOS

Microsoft also has good news for iOS users as it is now opening a preview of its Phone Link app for the iPhone users too allowing them to link their devices to Windows. It will allow users to send and receive messages (including ones from iMessage), calls, and notifications through their desktops.

3. 3rd party widgets from Spotify and Meta

Not just this, the widgets system will also see an improvement and will include third-party options from Meta and Spotify. The improvement is all thanks to the new tablet-optimised taskbar. 

Windows 11 update

4. New screen-recording tool

Finally, Windows 11 will also have an official screen recording tool. The Snipping tool will allow you to record the screen which will let you capture an entire screen or crop for apps.

5. Notepad and Quick Assist app

Microsoft has also added the tab support in the Windows 11 update. Windows 11 update also brings Braille display support and brings its voice access feature. Along with that, you can provide technical assistance to your family and friends by using the new Quick Assist App.

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