Manu Kumar Jain quits Xiaomi after 9 years: here’s what he said in his note |

“Last 9 years, I’m lucky to have received so much love that it makes this goodbye so difficult. Thank you all. The end of a journey also marks the beginning of a new one, full of exciting opportunities,” Jain tweeted, as he shared a statement on his exit on social media.

Manu Kumar Jain stumbled upon Xiaomi after having co-founded Jabong in 2013. He joined Xiaomi a year later and launched its first product, the Mi3 smartphone, in India. In his statement, Jain remembers the first few years were full of ups and downs as there were limited resources and no prior industry experience. However, Manu highlights that they were able to overcome these challenges and built one of the most loved brands in the country.

He also mentioned a few achievements in his note, including Xiaomi becoming the number-one smartphone brand in India, Ratan Tata investing in the company, launching made-in-India products, and generating more than 50,000 jobs in the country.

Manu Kumar Jain started his journey with Xiaomi as managing director for three years, from 2014 to 2017. He was subsequently promoted to the company’s Indian subcontinent region president. Before quitting, he was serving as the global vice president of Xiaomi. “After building a strong team and business, I wished to help other markets with our learnings. With this intention, I moved abroad —1.5 years ago (in July 2021) and subsequently joined the Xiaomi International team. I am proud of the strong India leadership team that continues to work independently and tirelessly,” he said.

“Over the next few months, I will take some time off, before taking up my next professional challenge. I am a builder at heart and would love to build something new, ideally in a new industry. I am proud of having been a small part of the ever-growing startup community, twice. I hope to return to it with another fulfilling challenge,” he added.

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