Hackers threaten to release League of Legends source code, demand $10 million from Riot Games | 91mobiles.com

According to Vice, the ransom email says, “We have obtained your valuable data, including the precious anti-cheat source code and the entire game code for League of Legends and its tools, as well as Packman, your usermode anti-cheat. We understand the significance of these artifacts and the impact their release to the public would have on your major titles, Valorant and League of Legends. In light of this, we are making a small request for an exchange of $10,000,000.” The ransom email further reads, “We do not wish to harm your reputation or cause public disturbance. Our sole motivation is financial gain. Failure to do so will result in the hack being made public and the extent of the breach being known to more individuals.”

Riot Games has confirmed that it has received a ransom email and said that it “won’t pay.” The company also confirmed that the attack has disrupted its build environment and may cause more issues in the future, but no player data or personal information has been compromised. It’s unclear how this situation is going forward in the coming days. Riot is working with law enforcement agencies to identify the hackers.

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