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When it comes to parties, you usually need a few things. Step one is obviously food and drinks, step two is usually some rocking tunes. For the latter, you will need a good pair of speakers. And for that, you’ve come to the right place. In this list, we will be looking at some cool speakers you can use for parties. We will be covering some specific use cases where these speakers can really shine. This should help you better find a speaker that is suited to your needs. So, let’s get started.

Things to consider when buying a party speaker

Speaker wattage: Speaker wattage is a quick way to learn which speaker offers a louder sound output. However, it is definitely the only thing you should look at. While larger venues, such as outdoors do need louder speakers, indoor areas, might not need super loud speakers.

Connectivity: Most speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity that let you pair the speaker wirelessly with your smartphone. However, you may want to consider other connectivity modes. This could includes USB, AUX, HDMI (ARC) and more. The more options you have, the better.

Portability: Portable speakers allow you to easily place them wherever you want. You can even carry them with you when travelling. However, do note that size can affect sound quality. Fixed speakers can offer a dedicated subwoofer as well as better stereo sound separation.

Durability: Many portable speakers offer some level of water and dust resistance. This is denoted via an IP rating. An IP68 rating denotes the highest level of protection against dust and water ingress.

Cool party speakers you can check out on Croma

Croma 60W Bluetooth Party Speaker

Value for money

The Croma 60W Party Speaker is perfect for those who party like there is no tomorrow! It offers a rocking 60W sound output which should drown out pretty much any ambient noise. It is powered via USB Type-C and offers five preset equalizer modes for optimal sound quality. It also comes with a mic for karaoke parties! Adding to the ambience is the music activated LED lighting which also dances to the beat! Connectivity options includes Bluetooth v5.0, AUX, USB and memory card.

Eleon Jog 12W Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Eleon Jog is a compact portable speaker that is perfect for those who party on-the-go. It offers 12W power output with a battery life of about eight hours. Interestingly, the speaker offers an IP67 rating, which means that it should easily shrug off water splashes. In terms of connectivity, the speaker offers Bluetooth v5.0 and AUX options.

Croma 20W Bluetooth Party Speaker

Value for Money

The Croma 20W Bluetooth Party Speaker really lives up to its name. Not only can it play music, but it also comes with a mic that you cna use for karaoke! AS if that wasn’t cool enough, it also supports guitar input. So you can plug in your own guitar and belt out some tunes. Connectivity-wise, users get Bluetooth v5.0, memory card, USB and AUX. You can even play the radio if you want.

JBL Bluetooth Party Speaker


The JBL Bluetooth Party Speaker offers a whopping 1000W of power, which should ensure a rocking party. It also comes with LED lighting that helps elevate the ambience. Users can also plug in a mic or guitar if they want to take the party to the next level. In terms of connectivity, the speaker supports Bluetooth and USB.

Eleon Megh 2.0 5W Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Eleon Megh 2.0 is an extremely portable speaker that is apt for travellers looking for an easy to carry speaker that can be quickly taken out whenever they want. Adding to the party atmosphere is the fact that the speaker comes with RGB lighting which should surely help with the overall mood. Users can expect up to 10 hours of battery life with the speaker. In terms of connectivity, the device only offers Bluetooth v5.0 pairing.

JBL PartyBox Encore Essential 100W Bluetooth Party Speaker


This 2.1 channel speaker from JBL also comes with LED lighting that can be tweaked to your living (or the party atmosphere) or if you want, it can also be synced to groove with the beat. Users can connect to the speaker via USB or AUX. Wireless connectivity is done via Bluetooth v5.1. Interestingly, up to two users can simultaneously connect to the speaker.

Croma 120W Soundbar with Remote

Value for Money

The Croma 120W Soundbar is a 2.1 channel speaker. It comes with a separate wireless subwoofer, which in turn makes it idea for indoor parties. The speaker features a seven segment LED and comes with a remote control. In terms of connectivity, the speaker offers Bluetooth v5.0, memory card, AUX, USB and Optical. It also offers HDMI (ARC) connectivity, meaning it can be used to connect with TVs.

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