Google Pixel 7, Pixel 6a 5G support in India to arrive in Q1 2023

Google clarified that it is working closely with Indian carriers to enable next-generation connectivity and comply with local regulations and standards. Besides Google, Xiaomi is also said to be working on pushing an update to its 5G-capable phones in the country.

5G in India has been rolling out at a fast phase, with Airtel and Jio rapidly expanding the network in top-tier metro cities. Both telecom networks have vowed to finish the rollout in every town and village in the country by March 2024. This is claimed to be the fastest rollout ever in any country.

Both telecom networks are yet to reveal the 5G data plans in the country. Until they do, the network is completely free to use. While Jio is offering unlimited data through its ‘Welcome Offer’, Airtel doesn’t have any such offer and the data benefits are as per the existing plan. With 5G significantly on the rise in India, the demand for 5G-enabled phones is also on the rise and they are expected to overtake the 4G lineup this year. All the upcoming 5G-enabled phones might come with software support right out of the box.

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