PS5 bundle with two DualSense controllers reportedly launching soon |

Many PlayStation users prefer to buy an additional controller to play games like FIFA 23 with friends. WinFuture’s new report claims that Sony will be launching a new PS5 bundle with two DualSense controllers. The new bundle is said to be launched by the end of January. Both the standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are expected to come with this bundle. The console is also said to get another hardware revision with model number CFI-1216A or CFI-1216B. The report does not mention any details about the price of the upcoming PS5 bundle. Sony hasn’t confirmed anything from this report yet.

Sony is apparently working on multiple versions of PS5. PS5 Slim is rumoured to be in development, with its launch expected this year. The console could have a thinner and lighter form factor, and run cooler than the current PS5. Besides this, the company is reportedly also working on a PS5 model with a detachable disc drive. The console is said to have a slimmer form factor, with a USB-C port for connecting a disc drive separately. This version of PS5 is expected to be sold individually or in a bundle with the disc drive.

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