Get ready to experience F 4 Fast performance with the all-new Samsung Galaxy F04 at just Rs 7,499 |

Samsung has unveiled the all-new Galaxy F04 and it is safe to say that the smartphone looks set to dominate the budget price segment. What makes the handset particularly stand out from the competition is that it offers unparalleled fast performance, thanks to the RAM Plus feature that leads to an incredible 8GB of RAM. Priced at just Rs 7,499, the Galaxy F04 delivers a fabulous blend of fast performance and stylish looks that should prove incredibly appealing to those on a budget. Let’s take a deep dive into how the phone makes it possible to swiftly do all that you love and what kind of a difference the RAM Plus makes.

F 4 Fab performance: 8GB RAM with RAM Plus

RAM Plus is an extremely useful feature on the Galaxy F04 that converts the extra storage available in your phone into RAM. More than anything, it does wonders for the phone’s speed and performance, leading to fast load times and quicker switching between apps. RAM Plus hence enables an overall user experience that is swift and smooth. This intelligent memory expansion by using your storage as virtual memory can also let you have more apps open in the background without impacting your phone’s performance.

You can utilise the RAM Plus feature to add up to 4GB of additional memory to the phone’s RAM. This can be done by going into Settings > Battery and device care > Memory. Once you’ve chosen the right option, all that’s needed is a simple restart and you can then experience the dazzling difference in performance.

As modern mobile apps and games have become more demanding than ever, the importance of a feature like RAM Plus on your phone cannot be overstated. With this feature, multitasking becomes a breeze, and you no longer have to worry about having too many apps open in the background either.

Moreover, the Galaxy F04 is powered by the MediaTek Helio P35 chipset, which delivers best-in-class performance while ensuring long battery life. Imagine this combined with getting the benefit of 8GB of RAM in a device that costs just Rs 7,499. The Samsung Galaxy F04 is definitely one smartphone that is not to be missed.

F 4 Future-ready – Disruptive 2 times OS upgrade promise

Android smartphones in this price range seldom offer OS upgrades, let alone offer a commitment to deliver them two times over. But as you might have realised by now, the Galaxy F04 manages to exceed expectations in every department. It runs Android 12 out of the box and promises to offer support for two OS upgrades. And of course, there’s Samsung’s One UI Core 4.1 present as well, with its magnificent array of features that make the daily usage of your phone incredibly easy.

What’s more? Fashionable design and long-lasting battery life!

Samsung Galaxy F04 Design

The Samsung Galaxy F04 flexes its appeal further with its trendy looks, This phone features a stylish gloss design that is sure to catch people’s attention and enhance your persona wherever you go. The fresh new shades of Opal Green and Jade Purple are a treat to the eyes. Things are just as attractive on the front surface, where the tiny bezels make the stunning 16.55cm HD+ display of the phone stand out. Lastly, the rounded edges on this phone allow an easy and comfortable grip, enhancing its design brilliance further.

That is not all with the Galaxy F04. With its 5,000mAh battery, this device allows you to go about your life at full power. There’s no need to worry about cutting down your game time or activating battery-saving features throughout the day. Even with very heavy usage, you can easily extract a full day’s worth of juice from the phone and still have some left for some browsing.

Price and availability

The phone is priced at just Rs 7,499 and will go on sale on January 12th at 12 Noon and will be made available through Flipkart as well as the brand’s official website. If you’re in the market for a phone and think that your lean budget means you will need to make various compromises, the Galaxy F04 is sure to change your mind. With its RAM Plus technology and several other awesome features, the Galaxy F04 is exactly the phone that you should be going in. You can head over to the phone’s official pages here or on Flipkart here to hit the ‘Notify Me’ button and be informed about its availability.

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