Samsung Galaxy F04 launches with ‘F’ast performance and ‘F’ashionable design at a ‘F’antastic price under 8K |

The new year has brought along a new enticing option for budget smartphone buyers in the form of the Samsung Galaxy F04. This phone impresses not just with its slick design but also the fact that it offers incredible value for money. Priced under Rs 8,000, this handset gives you the benefits that you’d never expect from a phone in this price segment. The Samsung Galaxy F04 can be described as a unicorn in its price bracket as it offers up to a mind-boggling 8GB RAM with its RAM Plus feature and even serves incredible software with the latest Android 12 operating system. What’s more impressive is that the handset has been promised to support 2 times OS upgrades as well.

But not just this, the phone has amazing features in every crucial department you can think of. Let’s delve deep into what makes the new Samsung Galaxy F04 an excellent choice.

F for Fab Performance – RAM Plus magic infused

Samsung’s RAM Plus technology has already proven to be a game-changer for handsets across price segments. But most notably for the Galaxy F04, the RAM Plus feature gives a big boost to a phone’s overall performance by converting unused storage to virtual memory. While the phone is already loaded with 4GB of memory, this feature gets you that zippy performance you need for your fast-paced life. With RAM Plus, the total accessible RAM for the Galaxy F04 goes up to 8GB, which is unheard of in the sub-Rs 8,000 smartphone space. Unquestionably, multitasking is going to be a breeze on this affordable handset.

Whether you have to book movie tickets, browse social media, or do online shopping, if your phone is not capable enough, you will experience a lag or the apps might freeze while trying to switch. This is particularly where the Galaxy F04 shines and its RAM Plus feature allows you to use your phone faster and seamlessly in the way you want.
In short, Galaxy F04’s RAM Plus feature gives you a much faster, smoother and stutter-free multitasking experience of the phone.

F For Fashionable – Stylish design that will make heads turn

Samsung Galaxy F04 Story Image

We all like our phones to stand out from the crowd. This is why it is extremely important that the phone’s design and colour both match our personal style. The Samsung Galaxy F04 comes in two exciting shades – Opal Green and Jade Purple. The sophisticated looks of both these models are complemented brilliantly by the glossy texture on their rear surface. Its simplistic yet eye-catching design will really make these phones great conversation starters. The Galaxy F04 looks glamorous on the front too. Except for a small chin and a waterdrop-style notch, the entire surface is occupied by the screen, giving it an extremely premium appearance. All this undoubtedly provides it with the look deserving of the trendiest budget phone out there.

F for Future Ready – Android 12 and 2 times OS upgrades

The biggest concern while buying a new smartphone in the budget price segment is usually that these handsets often come with outdated versions of Android. Moreover, some brands don’t provide any OS upgrades for these phones in the years post their launch. Things are different with the Samsung Galaxy F04. Not only does it ship with Android 12 as its base software, but it also promises 2 times OS upgrades, which means that the handset is future-proof in every sense. As if that wasn’t enough, the base software is complemented by Samsung’s One UI Core 4.1, which brings several handy and intuitive features.

F for Flicks and Entertainment – Get ready for binge-watching sessions?

As we spend most of our days looking at a phone’s display, we simply cannot afford to compromise in this department. Since Samsung has the reputation of offering the best displays in the market, it comes as no surprise that the 16.55cm HD+ display on the Galaxy F04 is simply gorgeous to look at and large enough to let you watch content or read text with ease. It’s surrounded by extremely thin bezels, which make the content consumption experience even more immersive. The high-definition visuals offered by the handset are stunning to look at and extremely enjoyable while gaming. This is one more department where the Galaxy F04 ticks all the right boxes.

F for Fantastic clicks- Dual rear camera setup

Let’s face it, deep down, all of us have a budding photographer in us. If you also love to flex your photography skills on social media each day, you would be absolutely delighted with what the Galaxy F04 has in store for you. The handset features a 13MP + 2MP rear camera setup that offers impressive image quality for regular photos and can capture slick bokeh effects in portrait shots. Furthermore, the main camera is capable of shooting videos in 1080p resolution as well for detailed videos. As for selfies, they are taken care of by a 5MP unit that’s even perfect for video calling. Overall, whether you want a phone that delivers great pictures as a point-and-shoot camera or want to show your expertise with bokeh shots, Galaxy F04 gives you the perfect optical hardware and software features to do both.

F for Faster multitasking and Full power – Massive battery and solid processor

Samsung has blessed the Galaxy F04 with a powerful setup that ensures smooth everyday performance. Apart from the 8GB of effective RAM that we’ve talked about before, the phone gets the benefits of the MediaTek Helio P35 chipset. Whether you are into gaming or perform multitasking by hopping on and off the apps regularly, this is the perfect phone that will offer you a buttery-smooth experience. And to ensure that the phone doesn’t run out of juice for a long time, a 5000mAh battery has also been granted to the phone by Samsung. In case you like to play intensive games, you will be able to enjoy long sessions of unhindered fun.

Price and availability – This phone is a must-buy!

Galaxy F04 Green

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy F04 is a brilliant combination of speed, style, and functionality. And with its price of under Rs 8,000, it’s a no-brainer for those looking to buy a new budget handset. The phone will go on sale on January 12th at 12 Noon and will be made available through Flipkart as well as the brand’s official website. You can head over to the phone’s official pages here or here to hit the ‘Notify Me’ button and be informed about its availability.

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