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A mini fridge can be a great little addition to any home. On the whole, a mini fridge is an excellent option as a secondary refrigerator in your home. It helps you free up space on your fridge by letting you move items such as bottles and snacks out of your primary appliance. Those living in large houses can place them strategically around the house so that residents don’t have to trek through the whole house just for a cool glass of water.

Things to consider when buying a mini fridge

Space: While they may be relatively small as compared to large refrigerators, mini fridges will still take up some space. So ensure that you have enough room to place them.

Capacity: As the name would imply, mini fridges are tiny. As such, don’t think that you will have lots of room inside the fridge to store items. So plan accordingly.

Cooling: Mini fridges generally do not offer the same cooling power as standard fridges. As such, do not expect to keep frozen snacks and food items in there.

Power & efficiency: As with any other fridge, know that a mini fridge will require constant power. So ensure that your room has a spare plug that you don’t plan on using. Speaking of which, try and get a fridge with a high star rating to ensure lower bills. 

Best mini fridges to buy on Croma

1. LG 45 Litres 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator with Anti-Bacterial Gasket


This mini fridge from LG offers a capacity of 45 litres. It features one door and sports a linear compressor for cooling. The fridge also features a little compartment that can be used to store snacks or other items. The door compartments feature space for eggs as well as a single 2L bottle.

2. Croma 49 Litres 1 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator with Stabilizer Free Operation

Value for Money

This mini fridge from Croma offers a total capacity of 49 litres. It features an antifungal door gasket and offers Direct Cooling via a Reciprocating High-Efficiency Compressor. Aside from the main storage area, the fridge features two comparts for storing smaller snacks. One is located in the top-right corner of the main storage compartment, while the other is located at the door.

3. Croma 92 Litres 1 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator with Anti-Fungal Door Gasket

High Capacity

This mini fridge from Croma offers quite a lot of storage space thanks to its 92 litre capacity. The fridge offers enough storage space to make it more of an option for those looking for equal versatility as a full-sized fridge. This includes a freezer, vegetable compartment and plenty of space for multiple 2L bottles. 

4. Godrej Qube 30 Litres Frost Free Single Door Refrigerator with Solid State Electronic Cooling


The Godrej Qube is an extremely compact mini fridge that is ideal for those with limited space and storage requirements. The fridge features a single compartment for storage with a tiny action in the corner that can be used for storing snacks.

5. Midea Mini Bar 95 Litres 1 Star Direct Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator with Reversible Door

High Capacity

If space isn’t a problem for you and you are looking to store quite a bit of thing in your mini fridge, then the Midea Mini Bar might just be what the doctor ordered. This mini fridge offers a storage space of 95 litres. So you get plenty of storage space. The appliance offers multiple storage compartments in the main body and the doors.

6. Midea Mini Bar 45 Litres 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator with Temperature Adjustment

Value for money

This mini fridge from Midea is pretty much everything you would expect from such an appliance. The 45-liter storage capacity should suffice for most users. It offers multiple storage compartments including an enclosed space in the main area. The fridge can also store a 2-litre bottle in the door.

7. Croma 66  Litres 22 Bottles Wine Cooler


Unlike the other mini fridges on this list, this appliance is a wine cooler. As such, it is specifically geared towards cooling bottles. The appliance offers Direct Cooling and can chill 22 bottles at a time. This makes it ideal for those looking for a way to cool liquids such as water, cold drinks and of course, wine.

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