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While PC gaming is quite popular, consoles such as the Xbox Series X are already winning gamers’ hearts thanks to their straightforward and intuitive nature. While the argument of controllers vs mouse & keyboard can go on forever, everyone can agree that there are some games that are just better played via a controller. Exclusive titles are another thing that console manufacturers are using to draw potential users to the ecosystem.

That said, you can still add the best Microsoft Xbox Series X accessories to take your console setup to the next level. From headsets and controllers, to charging stands and storage expansion cards, you can add several accessories to your console to get an immersive and premium gaming experience. We have selected some of the best gaming accessories for your favourite gaming console to elevate your gaming experience. Most of the accessories we have listed below will also work with the more affordable. Xbox Series S model, and in some cases the original Xbox, Xbox One, PS, mobiles, and Windows devices as well. So without further ado, Let’s get started with our list of the best accessories for the Microsoft Xbox Series X.

Things to consider while buying accessories for the Microsoft Xbox Series X

  • Check the Compatibility: Make sure the manufacturer explicitly states the target accessory works with the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has made sure most accessories that are compatible with the previous-gen Xbox One also work with the current-gen X and S series Xbox models, and vice-versa. But it goes without saying that the newer accessories designed to work with the latest-gen consoles will provide you with the best possible gaming experience.  
  • Space: Some Xbox Series X accessories can take up quite a bit of space when setting up. As such, you need consider that when taking a look at some of these accessories. For example, when thinking of buying flight sticks or steering wheel controlers, you need to keep in mind that not only will you need a flat surface to place the controllers, but, you will also need to consider where you will sit when gaming  and where you will store the devices. 
  • Cabling: Do keep in mind that some accessories will require cabling. This could either be for powering the accessory itself or for connecting to the Xbox Series X. As such, you will need to figure out cable management beforehand. Also, if the accessory connects to the Xbox, ensure that the cable is long enough to reach your play area comfortably with room to spare.
  • Choose from various accessories: There are various accessories for Xbox Series X to enhance your gaming experience — including controllers, wireless headsets, charging stands and battery packs, and more. You can choose from various first-party and third-party controllers for an enhanced navigation experience, or battery packs that will let you play for long hours without having to replace the expensive built-in batteries.

Best accessories for the Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller 

User recommended

The standard Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller that Microsoft offers is hands down the best controller for most users. While on the surface, it looks quite similar to previous gen’s Xbox One controllers. The new one offers improved ergonomics and comes with a Hybrid D-pad for an intuitive controller experience. Further, it gets a dedicated share button to let you share clips, screenshots, and more easily. It has a textured grip on triggers, bumpers, and back for improved grip while playing. Moreover, the controller is compatible with a broad range of devices as well. This includes the Xbox S series and the Xbox One, Windows PCs, Android and iOS devices, and more. The Xbox Wireless Controller also makes it easy to switch between connected devices easily. It also features a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C port which makes it easy to connect accessories such as the Xbox Rechargeable Battery pack, which allows the controller to be recharged. Otherwise, the controller supports standard AA batteries. The controller also allows for button remap for a personalised controller experience. All this makes the improved Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller an easy recommendation on our list. 

Razer Universal Quick Charging USB Stand for Xbox


Razer already makes some of the best gaming accessories on the market and is one of the go-to manufacturers if you are searching for gaming accessories for gaming. If you’re searching best accessories to add to your Xbox gaming setup, Razer Universal Quick Charging USB Stand might be one of the most important ones. This charging stand comes with fast charge technology that is said to fully charge the Xbox in just under three hours. Its universal compatibility with most Xbox controllers means you can use it to charge Xbox, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One Elite Controller Series 1. Its Magnetic Contact System ensures the controllers attach easily and perfectly to the stand. Further, the company says it has used high-quality and durable materials to ensure a long product lifespan. The Razer Universal Quick Charging USB Stand for Xbox comes in the same colours as the official Xbox Wireless controllers to match your gaming setup. Most buyers found the Razer charging stand to be a value-for-money deal and highly recommend it for its ease of use functionality. 

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Feature packed

If you’re ready to splurge then the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is a premium option and possibly the best gamepad controller for the Xbox Series X. And as an added bonus, it works with a range of devices including the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One, as well as Windows PCs and mobile devices. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 stays true to its name and provides an ‘elite’ gaming experience with its comfortable ergonomics. It comes with adjustable-tension thumbsticks, shorter hair trigger locks, a wrap-around rubberized grip, and interchangeable components. Swapping thumbstick toppers, D-pads, and paddles are a few of the things that this controller lets you do to achieve a personalized gaming experience. And on top of all this, it is built to last as well. 

With the Microsoft Xbox Accessories app, you can further customise the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Mapping buttons to your liking, adjusting thumbstick tension and tweaking vibration intensities, and more can be done easily. You can also set 3 custom profiles and 1 default profile and easily switch between them with the Profile button. In fact, the level of customisation that the app offers is one of the main highlights of the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 gamepad. Finally, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 offers up to 40 hours of playback on a single full charge for longer playtimes.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S

User recommended

If the onboard storage of the Xbox Series X isn’t enough for all your favourite games, you may want to get the Seagate Storage Expansion Card to add another 1TB of storage to the console. The fast SSD features compatibility with the Xbox Velocity Architecture for faster response times and smoother game rendering. Support for the Velocity Architecture means games designed for the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One offer improved response times. Further, It also allows for the game’s stored externally to use the console’s the Quick Resume which feature lets you switch between games and resume them from the moment you left off. The company says the that the external SSD provides the same read/write performance as the console’s internal storage so that there are no performance bottlenecks. The Seagate Storage Expansion Card is also one of the most recommended essential accessories for the Xbox Series X from buyers. Do note that the expansion card is available in varying capacities. 

Xbox Stereo Headset

Value for money

Xbox Stereo Headset is one of the most value-for-money wired headsets that you can get for the Xbox Series X. The headphone features an oval design with polyurethane leather and foam. And its steel metal band is also covered with foam cushioning to reduce pressure and provide comfortable support. That is to say, the Xbox Stereo Headset has comfortable ergonomics so you can keep your gaming sessions going for hours without feeling any discomfort. It supports high-fidelity Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X for an immersive and surround sound effect. You also get on-ear controls, a mic mute button, and an adjustable mic for easy headphone control. The Xbox Stereo Headset also gets a 3.5mm headphone jack making it compatible with a wide range of devices as well. The headphone has large 40mm drivers for expansive sound reproduction, and a 32-ohm impedance further makes it compatible with a wide range of devices. The Xbox Stereo Headset works over the standard frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz.

Nitho Drive Pro One Gaming Racing Wheel

Feature packed

If you’re a fan of racing games and want to get an even more immersive and realistic experience, then the Nitho Drive Pro One Gaming Racing Wheel is for you. This versatile gaming steering wheel is compatible with most racing games. It also works with a variety of platforms too including PlayStation 4,  PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One (all versions), Nintendo Switch, and PC. The 10-inch Nitho Drive Pro One Gaming Racing Wheel is equipped with a vibration motor and 270 degrees wheel rotation mechanism (lock-to-lock) with Zero Dead Zone technology for elevated realism while racing through the tracks. Its D-Pad, Analog Stick, and 28 action buttons are all positioned ergonomically so your fingers easily reach the controls. It also has built-in paddle shifters for shifting gears. Further, you can get the separate sequential Gear Shifter and analog floor pedals for an even more realistic navigation experience. Lastly, the Nitho Drive Pro One Gaming Racing Wheel also gets a sturdy, adjustable, and adaptive mounting system and built-in suction cups for a secure mount.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One

User recommended

The Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One is a perfect accessory for any gamer who plays a lot of flight sim games. This joystick is compatible with platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows. It is ergonomically designed for game genres such as space adventure, modern combat, warplanes, and civil flight. The T.Flight Hotas One comes with a wide handrest so you can place your hands comfortably to make navigation much easier. You can also adjust stick resistance as per your needs. It has a detachable full-size throttle which when detached, offers a more realistic piloting experience. The joystick also comes with a dual rudder system, which you can access by rotating the joystick’s handle or via the progressive tilting lever on the joystick itself. This dual rudder system makes turning the plane left or right easy. What’s more, you can attach the separate T.Flight Rudder Pedals for even smoother turns while navigating.

PXN Arcade Fight Stick

User recommended

Next on our list is the fight stick gaming accessory that is designed keeping in mind the fans of the Street Game Fighting genre. The PXN Arcade Fight Stick joystick provides you with the ultimate fighting game experience with its broad range of controllers and mechanical switches. It is compatible with Xbox One, PC, PS4, Switch, and Windows. It has the usual 4×2 layout so you can easily get started. Its Turbo function makes it easy to issue continued button taps by simply holding down the button instead of mashing the button. Further, it gets a switchable joystick mode that lets you switch between the direction stick and D-pad. The PXN Arcade Fight Stick has comfortable ergonomics and includes spherical metal joystick grips and large round buttons. Further, the buttons on the controller are tested to withstand up to 50 million clicks to ensure a long lifespan. It also gets anti-slip rubber suction cups to offer secure placement so you can focus on your game without worrying if it’ll fall off from your lap.

Razer Kaira Pro Wireless Gaming Headset


Razer Kaira Pro is a premium wireless gaming headset for Xbox Series X|S. It has a premium design and comes with 50mm Razer Triforce Titanium drivers for rich, sparkling trebles, and powerful booming bass. It also gets a Razer Hyperclear Supercardio mic, which has a 360-degree voice pickup area and noise cancelling abilities for a clear voice chat experience. Moreover, the headset mic is detachable, so you can remove it when not needed. The headset also gets 4 different EQs that you switch between with a dedicated button on the right side earcup. The EQs provide an enhanced gameplay experience for various games. For instance, the FPS mode enhances the audio sound cues such as enemy footsteps for accurate position identification. And the Bass mode amplifies the low-frequency sounds for clear and detailed audio cues in a variety of games. Razer Kaira Pro also features Windows Sonic compatibility for surround sound simulation in games. Further, you can use the Razer Headset Setup app to get even more customisation options — such as setting up personal EQs presets, mic monitoring, and more. The headset comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for high-bitrate audio. And last but not least, the earcups get Razer Chroma RGB lighting for a gamer look.

Brainwavz The Colossus

Also consider

The last accessory we want you to consider among the best accessories for the Xbox Series X is the Brainwavz Colossus gamepad controller and headphone hanger wall mount holder. The Brainwavz The Colossus is a universal hanger that lets you place large and small headphones with ease with its wide and curved seating bed. The wide placement area ensures the headphone doesn’t come into contact with the wall to avoid any scratches on your headphones or controllers or the wall. You can place any controller designed for Xbox One and Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam Controller, PC gamepads, and more. The wall mount holder comes with pre-fitted 3M VHBTM tape that lets you install it anywhere securely. This includes desks, shelves, cabinets, glass surfaces, the rear of the TV/monitor, and more. The company also notes the holder can handle a total weight of 1.5kg. So it can hold pretty much any headphone or controller in place without braking or falling off. 

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