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So, you recently purchased a new laptop for online classes or office work? Congratulations! However, whether you plan to use the laptop as a work machine on the go, for studying at home, or for a work-from-home setup, you will need additional accessories to get the best out of your investment. For example, you will need external storage for the backup of your data, a surge protector hub to protect the laptop, and more. If you are looking for must-have accessories for your laptop to take your productivity to the next level, here’s a comprehensive list of the best options on Croma.

Seagate Expansion 2TB USB 3.0 Hard Disk Drive (Portable Design, STKM2000400, Black)

Portable storage

If you have essential data on your laptop that you cannot afford to lose, keeping a backup away from the laptop is a must. Moreover, modern laptops come with SSD instead of HDD, and hence can’t store all your files. These could be your CAD design files, movie collections, music files, or anything else. In such a case, you can opt for this Seagate Expansion portable hard disk drive with 2TB capacity for all your storage requirements. Apart from providing ample storage, you also get USB 3 support that offers faster data transfer speeds. The hard disk drive comes with a plug-and-play feature, which means you can connect it to any laptop and start transferring data immediately.

Belkin 1.5M 4 Outlet Surge Protector (F9E400ZB, Grey)

Extension board with surge protection

A laptop is a considerable investment, and you wouldn’t want it to get ruined due to things that are not in your hands, like a power surge. Investing in an outlet surge protector that will keep your laptop safe would be the best bet. This power strip comes with a 1.5-meter cord, surge protection indicator, and Safety Shutdown Technology. According to the manufacturer, the power strip is ideal for laptops and mobiles, which means that along with protecting your devices, it can also juice them up (and other gadgets) simultaneously as it has four sockets.

Oakter 2000mAh 1-Port Power Bank (4 Hours Backup Time, Mini UPS, Multicolor)

UPS for Wi-Fi router

If you are using your laptop for a work-from-home setup, it’s imperative to have a seamless Wi-Fi network to work without getting interrupted. In case of a power cut, while your laptop can last for hours on a full charge, the same cannot be said for the Wi-Fi router. That’s why you need a backup power source for your router. This Oakter 1-port powerbank is ideal for this purpose and provides 4 hours of backup on a single charge. This means that you can continue your Zoom calls seamlessly without being worried about starting a mobile hotspot. The best part is that it can support up to 12 devices at the same time.

Zebronics ZEB-NS2000 Laptop Stand (7 Adjustable Levels, A31-NS2000, Dark Grey)

Laptop stand

Have you ever felt your laptop kept flat on a surface at an awkward angle to work on for longer hours? It can lead to humpback, acute back pain, and many more physical complications. It would help if you raised the display at eye level to work comfortably for hours. This Zebronic laptop stand is a perfect choice for the same. It features a minimalistic metal design and comes with seven adjustable levels to help you find the optimum height and angle for your comfort. Thanks to the aluminum alloy construction, it’s quite durable too.

Philips 0.07 Meter USB (Type-C) to USB 3.0 (Type-A) Multi-Port Hub (7-in-1, DLK6517C/94, Grey)

USB hub

Laptopmakers are offering laptops that are ultra-slim and portable these days. But on the flip side, it means that a lot of ports aren’t now available. If you own such a laptop that comes with either one or two ports, like new MacBook, this multiport hub from Philips is the right accessory for you. It connects to the laptop through a Type-C port and offers ports like a USB Type-C PD, three USB 3.0 ports @5Gbps, an HDMI 4K port (with support for 30fps), and an SD/TF card slot. In total, it has seven ports, ensuring that your laptop becomes versatile in terms of inputs.

GM Geo 8. 2 Pin Flex Box (GM 3066, White)

Extension board

How often have you adjusted your desk and entire setup to realise that the power point is further away from the table? In this situation, you can use an extension cord to have a power source to charge your laptop without having to redo your entire setup. This GM Geo Flex Box comes with an 8.2-meter cable with an international socket. It supports 6A output, and comes with three sockets. Its cord is also retractable, making it easier to store this accessory.

HP Deskjet Ink Efficient 2776 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer (Contact Image Sensor (CIS), 7FR27B, Black)


A printer is a must-have these days for both professionals and students alike. The best option would be to have an AIO or All-in-One, which can print, scan, and copy documents on A4-size printers. This HP Deskjet Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer supports Wi-Fi dual band, Bluetooth 4.2, and voice control for ease of usage. The other features include colour printing, manual duplex printing, and support for HP Smart App and Apple AirPrint. The flatbed scanner can scan up to 1200 dpi, and export the scanned file in image or PDF formats. Thanks to sheetfed output handling, you can also make multiple copies of the same printout easily.

Zebronics A03 Mouse Pad For Laptops and Desktops (Roll and Go, Black)

Mouse pad

If you have invested in a high-end mouse like a Razer, SteelSeries, or HyperX, you know they don’t work as well on every surface. You need a high-end, smooth matte surface for the mouse to work to the best of its ability. This A03 mouse pad from Zebronics is made of rubber and offers a smooth surface for the seamless operation of your mouse. While the top is made of smooth rubber, the bottom is an anti-slipping thick mesh rubber for a secure grip on smooth surfaces.

HP 64GB Flash Drive (x740w, Silver)

Pocketable storage

While you might own a portable hard disk drive with a ton of data, at times, you may need only some of the data to take along with you. It could be for a presentation at the office or a meeting with your client or lend pictures from your trip to a friend. In cases like this, you need a small portable flash drive that you can carry in the coin pocket of your denim or slip on your keyring. This HP 64GB flash drive is ideal for this purpose and comes with a premium metal build. It offers a fast read and write speed of 75MB/s and 30MB/s, respectively.

ViewSonic 60.96 cm (24 Inches) Full HD IPS Screen Gaming Monitor (AMD FreeSync Premium Technology, 144 Hz, XG2405, Black)


If you want to use your laptop for a work-from-home setup, you will benefit from having a monitor as a secondary display. A secondary display will help you multitask and work more efficiently. This ViewSonic 24-inch IPS monitor with FHD screen resolution and 144Hz panel is ideal for not just work, but gaming too. You can connect the laptop to the monitor using HDMI and use it either to mirror your laptop screen or as a secondary display. It also comes with in-built speakers.

These are the must-have laptop accessories that you can buy on Croma to help you enhance your productivity. Let us know which of these accessories you find more useful.

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