Paytm users can now send money via UPI to non-Paytm users: here’s how

The move will empower users to benefit from interoperability across all UPI-based payment apps, ensuring a superfast and seamless payment experience.

“This is an important move for the UPI ecosystem, as it will enable more users to send money to any UPI app, encouraging wider adoption. We continue to lead UPI payments, empowering users with a robust infrastructure for seamless and secure payments. This further strengthens our mission to drive financial inclusion in the country,” Paytm Payments Bank Limited Spokesperson, said in a statement.

How can you send money to other UPI apps using Paytm

  1. To begin, you must open Paytm and tap on ‘UPI Money Transfer’.
  2. In the ‘UPI Money Transfer’ section of the Paytm app, tap on ‘To UPI Apps’.
  3. Now, you will have to tap on ‘Enter Mobile No. of any UPI app’ and enter the mobile number of the recipient.
  4. You will then find the payment page where you will have to enter the amount and tap on ‘Pay Now’ for an instant transfer of money.

According to Paytm, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has enabled all payment service providers to access its universal database and make UPI payments interoperable.

Paytm Payments Bank Ltd (PPBL) continues to lead UPI payments as the largest beneficiary bank and a leading remitter bank. According to the latest report by NPCI, as a beneficiary bank, PPBL has registered over 1,614 million transactions. As a remitter bank, it registered more than 362 million transactions in October 2022.

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