Lunar Eclipse 2022 today: start time, how to watch online in India

Today’s lunar eclipse in India (November 8th) will be the last one for the next three years. Experts predict that after this, that the next lunar eclipse in India won’t happen until March 2025. A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth moves its place and is in between the Sun and Moon, either partially or totally blocking sunlight from reaching the Moon, resulting in a shadow on the Moon’s surface. Today’s lunar eclipse will be visible in India, and here are the Indian timings and how to watch the lunar eclipse.

What time is the lunar eclipse today?

Today’s lunar eclipse starts at 2:39 PM IST, and the complete eclipse will take place at 3:46 PM IST, as per the Indian government’s Ministry of Earth Science. Further, it says that the stage of the lunar eclipse where the Moon is entirely under the Earth’s shadow ends at 5:12 PM IST, and the partial phase ends at 6:19 PM IST.

Can I watch today’s lunar eclipse from India?

The Indian government’s Ministry of Earth Science says that the lunar eclipse will progress during Moonrise in Eastern parts of India, including Guwahati and Kolkata. However, the totality would have ended by the time of Moonrise for other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai, among others. The partial eclipse would be visible in most cities of India, though.

How to watch the lunar eclipse live?

In case the eclipse isn’t visible from your city, don’t worry. You can witness it by tuning into live stream channels that will broadcast the eclipse live on YouTube. For instance, the Virtual Telescope Project will start the stream at 3 PM IST. We have embedded a link below to watch the lunar eclipse live.

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