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This festive season, deals are aplenty, but none are as alluring as the ones on #AwesomeGalaxyA series smartphones. These devices were already appealing but the new deals make these phones more desirable than ever. Amidst all this, Samsung has launched its #AmpYourAwesome campaign, which is focused on highlighting the #NoShakeCam advantage that these handsets have.

The campaign includes a new short film that is graced by celebrity influencers Shanaya Kapoor and Prit Kamani. The awesome convenience offered by #NoShakeCam is on full display in this #AwesomeGalaxyA series ‘#NoShakeCam’ Campaign.

As Shanaya’s scintillating dance moves are being captured by an animated Prit, she gets worried about the shakes that his antics will add to the footage. To her surprise, the #NoShakeCam on the #AwesomeGalaxyA series offers splendid, shake-free footage that is more than worthy of being shared on social media.

There’s plenty more that you need to know about this feature and all the other attributes that make these phones extra special. So before you go ahead and make the most of the discounts on #AwesomeGalaxyA series handsets, let us tell you what makes them the ideal devices to #AmpYourAwesome this festive shopping season.

108MP camera – Capture details like never before

The crown jewel of the #AwesomeGalaxyA is the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, which prides itself on its 108MP quad camera setup. While it’s certain that you’ll get sharp, vivid, and detail-heavy images with this snapper, having such a high-resolution sensor at your disposal has plenty of other advantages. The sensor uses pixel binning to enable brighter night-time shots and the deep learning-based Detail Enhancer applies its AI magic to enable more details in your photographs.

One of the biggest advantages of having a 108MP camera is the ability to crop out unwanted areas from a photo without making it look pixelated. Along with this, the 108MP camera’s Hybrid Optic Zoom technology will let you easily zoom in on faraway objects without losing out on quality.

#NoShakeCam advantage – Shoot stable videos without any worries


As is quite evident from the new #AwesomeGalaxyA series ‘#NoShakeCam’ Campaign, the #NoShakeCam advantage of #AwesomeGalaxyA series phones is extremely useful in real-world scenarios. It can be accessed on the Galaxy A73 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy A33 5G, and Galaxy A23 as they are enabled with OIS. The way it works is that the phones identify any shakes and compensate for them by moving the sensor in the opposite direction of those shakes. And all this happens in real-time, which means your final videos are free of shakes and go incredibly easy on your eyes.

#NoShakeCam will come in handy to budding vloggers who are always on the go while they speak to the camera. It’s even useful for regular travellers who find it hard to hold the phone steady while capturing a sunset or a rare fleeting moment. Whether you’re walking, riding a bike or a car, or performing any other activity that’s likely to add shakes to your photos, having the #NoShakeCam advantage by your side is truly a game-changer.

Vigorous protection thanks to IP67 rating

The Galaxy A73 5G, A53 5G, and A33 5G, all come with an IP67 rating that makes them ideal handsets to roam around freely with. As you may know, this certification guarantees protection from dust and water. Moreover, the Gorilla Glass 5 protection on their front surfaces adds another shield to the mix. Since the IP67 rating allows these devices to keep going for up to 30 minutes in 1-metre deep water, they are perfect for capturing memories of your next swimming pool session with your friends. Do take note that underwater shots fetch a lot of attention on social media. In fact, you can even use these phones to capture stunning selfies of you enjoying the rain or even pool parties. Needless to say, this kind of protection even shields your phone from accidental dunks in the water or when you accidentally spill your drink on it.

Gorgeous 120Hz displays – It’s a smooth ride

A good display makes a world of a difference to the user experience of a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G and A53 5G come with magnificent Super AMOLED panels that bring 120Hz refresh rate visuals to their users. These FHD+ panels are adept at producing smoother motion and transitions. This doesn’t just increase the visual flair but also leads to your phone feeling more responsive. For those who indulge in gaming, this difference is even more glaring when playing high-end games with fast frame rates. The panels of both the Galaxy A73 5G and A53 5G are vivid and can deliver great contrast levels while watching movies and TV shows, thanks to the 800 nits of brightness they can produce.

Other exciting features

Object Eraser

The #AwesomeGalaxyA series handsets are packed with a host of other additions that are meant to make your lives richer. Take the Object Eraser tool for instance, which almost magically removes unwanted objects from your photographs. Have a perfect photo with your family that’s being blemished by an unknown person in the background? Object Eraser can remove them for you, in the same way, it can remove many other things to make your photographs perfect.

And then there’s AI Image Enhancer, which is a one-click photo enhancer for making your images worthy of social media. Like most recent Samsung phones, the #AwesomeGalaxyA series handsets also ship with Fun mode, a feature within the Camera app to try out all the latest Snapchat Lenses without even opening the messaging app. Another feature worth highlighting is RAM Plus. Although these #AwesomeGalaxyA series phones produce flawless everyday performance, if you ever feel the need for some additional RAM, you can simply use RAM Plus to convert up to 8GB of storage into temporary memory.

Best time to get your #AwesomeGalaxyA series smartphone is now!

Samsung is deadly serious with its tagline ‘#AmpYourAwesome‘. With such cutting-edge features available on its #AwesomeGalaxyA series smartphones, there’s a big scope for you to add tons of awesomeness to your life. As part of the festive offers, the pricing for the Galaxy A33 5G and Galaxy A53 5G starts at just Rs 24,499, and easy EMI options are available through Samsung Finance+. Moreover, with every purchase, you also get a 50 percent discount on the Galaxy Buds2, Check out all the deals here.

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