Apple Watch Ultra durability test with a hammer: Table breaks, Watch doesn’t

Apple Watch Ultra durability test

The video starts with a drop test of the Apple Watch Ultra from around four feet from the ground. Apart from minor dents on the casing, the Watch was mostly unharmed. Next, the Watch goes inside a jar of nails, and the jar gets shaken around. Again, the Watch Ultra comes out with no visible marks.

Further, the Apple Watch Ultra receives durability treatment via hammer. The ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌’s sapphire crystal display gets rapidly hit by a hammer. The Watch holds strong against multiple hits, but the table starts to crack. After a few more hits, the Watch Ultra finally cracks.

While the Apple Watch Ultra’s display didn’t take much damage with those hits, the smartwatch stopped responding shortly. This failure to boot could be because some internal components could have got damaged due to frequent hits. The Youtuber then smashes the watch until the glass gets fully cracked.

There’s no denying that the test is unrealistic and wasn’t near a typical use case of the Apple Watch Ultra. However, it does give you a rough idea of how strong the Watch Ultra sapphire crystal display cover is.

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