5 reasons to buy Apple’s M1 MacBook Air during Flipkart Big Billion Days sale: sale price, offers

The first day of the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale is just around the corner, and is set to introduce a slew of deals on the latest consumer gadgets on Thursday, September 22nd. While the sale period could introduce a host of deals across various categories of consumer electronics and gadgets, one of the most exciting deals that are expected to be introduced is on the Apple MacBook Air. Powered by the M1 SoC, the updated design of the MacBook Air is light, ultra portable, and comes with Apple’s new, custom processing platform. This makes it a highly sought after laptop, especially for work purposes.

However, with the new generation MacBook Air, Apple also increased the pricing of its most popular laptop in the MacBook lineup. With its older design, which has been one of the most iconic MacBook designs of all time, Apple offered it at as low as around Rs 50,000, before introducing the new generation version. The new one, however, has been significantly more expensive than before. At the moment, the M1 MacBook Air is priced at Rs 92,900 for the 8GB RAM variant, while the 16GB RAM variant costs Rs 1,12,900 — on e-commerce platform Flipkart.

M1 MacBook Air deal price on Flipkart

At the upcoming sale, this could change. As per teasers, the MacBook Air with M1 SoC and 16GB memory could be priced at below Rs 70,000. On this note, here’s looking at five reasons for which you should buy the laptop at the upcoming sale.

5 reasons to buy the Apple MacBook Air M1

Smoothness of regular workflow

One of the biggest strengths of the Apple MacBook Air lies in its ability to smoothly handle a major part of mainstream workflows. From multi-tab, multi-browsing internet tasks, to long duration work meetings and emails, the MacBook Air offers one of the most seamless experiences of work. At a potential discount of over Rs 40,000, the M1 MacBook Air would retain the same smoothness as before, but at a significantly lesser cost. This makes it a great deal if you want to pick up a slim, powerful laptop for work that would serve you for years, without adding the stress of upgrading.

Longevity of performance

Talking of upgrading, the M1 MacBook Air is on point in terms of longevity. Apple’s products are typically known to offer long usage cycles, and the MacBook portfolio can potentially last for over five years — thanks to Apple’s long software support life cycles. The M1 SoC, on this note, has only recently been surpassed for a new generation M2 chip, which means that the M1 SoC is by no means an outdated product. Add to that Apple’s vertical integration of hardware and software, and you can expect the M1-powered MacBook to last for years, easily. With the discount deal applicable with the 16GB RAM variant, Apple is also adding further room for smoothness and longevity of performance, and the extra memory can help the laptop continue to handle multi-browser workflows smoothly, even after years down the line.

Compatibility with new-gen apps

The M generation of custom processors from Apple has added a new custom platform for developers to build on, which means that over the years, more companies are likely to build native apps that are compatible with Apple’s desktop computing platform. This will ensure that with the new MacBook Air, you will get access to all the latest work, productivity and creativity applications that developers build for Apple’s desktop platforms. With the M1 SoC and 16GB of memory, the MacBook Air will also be able to handle the additional performance demand of new generation apps, making sure that you have with you a laptop that will not go obsolete in a short time span.

Software updates

Apple is known for its long software update cycles. For reference, MacBooks that are over seven years old have also been known to receive security updates and the latest generation macOS software upgrades as well. With the M1 MacBook Air, you can be assured to receive the latest generation macOS update, over the coming years. This will also ensure that you get the latest patches to zero-day software vulnerabilities, and the latest apps and services that will be able to run on the laptop. Coupled with the Retina display and a new generation keyboard, the M1 MacBook Air is essentially a new generation Apple hardware that offers the best of every world — and now, is expected to get new pricing as well.

Competitive pricing

Finally, teasers have suggested that the M1 MacBook Air with 16GB RAM could cost around Rs 69,490 at the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, which could be an effective price along with bank deals and discounts. This brings it to the mid-range laptop pricing that has entry-level gaming and mid-level workplace laptops among Windows counterparts. This makes the MacBook Air a premium segment product that enters a lower price segment than what it was launched at, making this potentially one of the best festive deals to avail in the coming days.

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