iOS 16 adoption report is out: Are iPhone users liking the new visual changes on iOS?

More people are using tech giant Apple’s iOS 16 in the first two days compared to iOS 15, says a new report.

According to data shared by analytics company Mixpanel, iOS 16, released this week, is installed on an estimated 11.6 per cent of iPhones two days after it launched.

When iOS 15 was released last year, it was installed on just 8.5 per cent of devices at the two-day mark, which means people are installing iOS 16 at a more rapid pace this year, reports MacRumors.

iOS 16 is perhaps a more appealing update because of the visual changes it brings to the iPhone with the customisable Lock Screen and widget options. It also brings Messages features that include iMessage editing, undo send, and more.

At the current time, Apple is also giving people the option to stay on iOS 15.7, a move that can also keep people from installing the iOS 16 update.

Mixpanel measures iOS adoption rates based on visits to apps and websites where its analytics metrics are used, and this is not official data from Apple, the report said.

Apple may not provide updated iOS installation numbers for some time as it has not updated iOS 15 information since May 31.

The data from Mixpanel suggests that 78.41 per cent of people continue to run iOS 15, and nearly 10 per cent have an older version of iOS.

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