Enigma unveils electric cafe race bike, 6 new e-scooters at EV India Expo 2022

Enigma e-scooters and a prototype e-bike


The Madhya Pradesh-based EV maker has taken the wraps off the following e-two-wheelers at the EV India Expo 2022:

Enigma Crink+ 

The Enigma Crink+ joins the Crink product lineup with a lithium-ion battery pack that is good for 120km of riding range and charges to 100 percent in 3.5 hours. The Crink+ can also do a top speed of 60kmph. It will be available in Yellow, Brown, White, Grey and Blue colour options.

Enigma Crink Pro 

The second new Crink lineup model from Enigma will be the Crink Pro. The Crink Pro uses LFP battery tech and delivers a range of 90 – 110km on a single charge and charges back up in just 3 hours. The Crink Pro maxes out at a top speed of 70kmph. It will be available in Royal Blue, White, Grey, Gold and Matt Black colour options.

Enigma GT 450

The Enigma GT 450 e-scooter can deliver a riding range of 135km on a single charge and gets two battery pack options – lead-acid and lithium-ion. The lead acid battery pack takes about 7 to 8 hours to charge, while the lithium-ion counterpart takes just 3 to 5 hours. The GT 450 will be available in Sky Blue, Grey, Golden and Silver colour options.

Enigma GT 450 Pro 

The GT 450 Pro gets a 2.4kWh battery pack and will deliver a range of 120km on a single charge. The GT 450 Pro maxes out at 70kmph of top speed. The GT 450 Pro will qualify for FAME – II subsidy worth Rs 36,000, according to Enigma, which can sweeten the deal for many customers. The GT 450 Pro will be available in Golden, Silver, Sky Blue and Grey colour options. 

Enigma Ambier 

The Ambier electric scooter, according to Enigma, will be priced at Rs 52,250 (ex-showroom) and will offer a range of 160km! The Ambier e-scooter will be available in six colour options Red, White, Blue, Orange, Silver and Grey.

Enigma N8 Thunderstorm

The N8 Thunderstorm will come equipped with a 36Ah battery and will go 130km on a full charge. The Thunderstorm has a top speed of 60kmph. The N8 Thunderstorm will be available in Honda Grey, Royal Blue, BMW Gold, White and Silver colour specifications. 

Enigma CR22 – Prototype electric motorcycle

The Enigma CR22 is in its prototype stage and is India’s first electric cafe racer. The prototype is capable of a 120kmph top speed and delivers a range of 105km on a single charge. By the time the production of the CR22 hit, Enigma claimed that it would be capable of a top speed of 100kmph and a range of 120km. 

Enigma intends to upscale its current 54 dealership footprint to 100 dealerships by the end of this fiscal year, which could help it sell more e-two-wheelers. 

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