Free Vi VIP number for select users: how to get a VIP number online

A VIP number, for reference, is usually a mobile number belonging to a legacy carrier code, or the first five digits (such as Vodafone — erstwhile Hutch and Command INA’s ‘98100/200/300/400’ series of numbers), and a sequential number after the carrier code. For instance, sequences such as ‘12345’ as the last five digits of a number typically qualify as a VIP number. For these numbers, telecom operators typically charge an additional fee that users can pay to get these special numbers.

The process still remains the same, but for some numbers, Vodafone Idea will be offering to users for free. This can give you a good chance to get your hands on a special number — either for free, or by paying a nominal sum to the operator.

How to get a VIP Vodafone number online

To get a VIP number from Vodafone Idea, follow these steps below:

  • Log on to the Vodafone Idea’s ‘MyVi’ website, and find the VIP number section on the site. You can alternately click here to go to the page directly
  • Here, enter the postal code of your area of residence, which will verify if your area is serviceable by Vodafone Idea
  • Then, enter your own number in the next box. Note that this can be of any telecom operator, and will be used for communication purposes only
  • In the box that shows up below, search for a sequence of digits that you want on your number
  • You will now see free and paid numbers to choose from, which Vodafone says are from its ‘premium’ selection of numbers
  • After you select, make the payment (if any). Your order will now be automatically processed

While initial reports had said that only select users will be given access to the service, the telco appears to be offering the service to any user right now, as long as their area is under postal service. It is, however, important to note that your chances of getting an actual special number sequence would be slim, since most such numbers are typically already taken.

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