New PS5 software update brings 1440p support, Gamelists, and more

The brand-new PS5 update brings much-awaited 1440p HDMI video output. This feature will be supported on TVs and monitors that support 1440p 60Hz or 120Hz. This means you could be able to play select games at 1440p resolution and high frame rates. However, PS5 players won’t get access to VRR in 1440p as it is supported on 1080p and 4K only. The update also brings Gamelists, which lets you create dedicated lists for your games. You can add up to 100 games in a list and make a total of 15 lists. This will make finding games much easier if you have a lot of games in your library.

The PS5 update introduces various social features, including the ability to request a Screen Share from players in the same party. It’s also easier to view the profiles of your friends now, and you will get a notification to join a friend’s game from the party chat. Besides these, the new update has also introduced a feature that lets you use YouTube via voice command. However, this feature is accessible in Preview format, which is available in the US and UK only. Finally, the iOS version of PS App is getting a lot new features later this month, including the ability to request for Screen Share from the app, launch a remote play session, and more.

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