iPhone 14 Pro launch: Mockup video shows new iPhone 14 notch design, no USB-C port

What the iPhone 14 Pro brings

According to the mockup teaser posted by Ice Universe on Twitter, the iPhone 14 Pro appears to feature the redesigned notch design with a pill and dot design. The latter is expected to only be part of the new ‘Pro’ iPhones, but not on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. However, apart from the notch, there is not a lot of difference in the design of the new ‘Pro’ iPhone.

The alert slider, along with the volume buttons, are to the left of the phone — while the power button is placed to the right, in line with what the present generation iPhone 13 Pro looks like. The camera module to the rear also looks similar, which suggests that any overhaul of camera specifications would be internal — and not reflect in changes to the lens design on the outside.

To the bottom, the iPhone 14 Pro appears to continue using a Lightning port — and not USB-C. The latter has been one of the many expected changes on Apple’s iPhones over the past couple of years, but it is not clear as to when might Apple enforce the change. A new law in the European Union has already mandated such a change, and it remains to be seen when the port change takes place.

The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to use a new generation A16 SoC, along with 48MP rear cameras. New reports have suggested the presence of satellite connectivity on the new iPhones as well, while the minimum storage on the Pro iPhones should go up to at least 256GB. More details are expected in about two days, when the devices go official.

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