Now book an Uber via WhatsApp in Delhi-NCR: here’s how to do it

  • Delhi-NCR Uber riders will no longer require the Uber app to book rides and can manage everything via WhatsApp
  • The feature’s first test phase took place in Lucknow in 2021
  • It caters to the needs of both English and Hindi-speaking users and can be used in either language

Uber and Meta-owned WhatsApp have announced their partnership and as a result, have come up with a feature for Delhi-NCR based users to book an Uber via a chatbot on WhatsApp. Uber has also officially announced the availability of the WhatsApp to Ride (WA2R) feature that will manage everything within the instant messaging app. This means that now users will no longer have to download the Uber app, book a ride and get the trip. Instead, they can simply send a message to Uber’s business account number and get a cab. Also, the feature allows users to book a cab in the language they are comfortable with i.e., both Hindi and English.


In terms of volume, Delhi-NCR is one of Uber’s biggest markets globally. Hence, the decision to launch a new feature here came after its successful trial phase in another city. In 2021, Uber launched the same feature as a ‘test phase’ in Lucknow.

How to book an Uber cab via WhatsApp

  • Only a new or existing customer with one phone number registered with Uber can book a ride via WhatsApp.
  • Users can open WhatsApp and send ‘Hi’ to +91 7292000002 or simply scan the code provided by Uber below.
  • Users will be required to enter pickup and drop-off locations.
  • After that, users will receive the expected fare information and the estimated time of arrival of the driver.
  • Thereafter, users can confirm their ride.
    uber whastapp code

    WhatsApp has assured Wa2R users of getting the same services as those who book rides using the Uber app, like its safety features and insurance coverage. The safety features essentially include information like the driver’s name, the license plate of the car, access to track the driver’s on-the-way location to the pickup point, and maintaining the anonymity of the user’s original phone number by using a masked number.

    Uber safety features

    The WhatsApp chat flow will also inform the users about safety guidelines, which include steps to reach Uber in case of emergencies:

  • Users can type ‘help’ on trip or can select ‘emergency’ option while on the trip.
  • Following this, the user will receive a call from Uber’s customer support team.
  • The Uber riders will also be provided with a safety line number to call, in case of emergency. The access will remain with the user until 30 mins after the end of the trip.

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