Govt developing app showing EV charging stations location, tariff, reservation details in India

The Indian government is working in full swing to ensure a quicker adoption of this sustainable mobility solution. The Government, along with CESL, will install over 800 EV charging stations across the country. The Indian PMO is also looking to upgrade to an electrified Mercedes Benz SUV as the Prime Minister’s official car, which could set a benchmark for common citizens to follow. 

Indian Government EV super app

The ‘super’ app will offer information regarding availability and charger types and provide charging tariffs while also allowing users to make and change reservations at nearby charging stations. The app has a launch timeline of 4 to 6 weeks. 

Mahua Acharya, Managing Director, CESL, while talking to ET, said, “Apart from information on the network of public charging stations, the app will reflect information shared by OEMs, enhancing visibility and traffic at private charging points. Consumers will get peace of mind knowing that they can readily access information and make reservations at nearby stations if they need to charge their vehicles on the go.”

Acharya also added that the EV infrastructure shown on the app will be of “world-class stature” and be located at strategic locations and “will be safe, well-lit, well covered, where users can top-up their EVs within an hour”. This, according to the top CESL executive, should help with reducing the battery size in EVs, making them affordable to a larger chunk of people as charging infrastructure will be made more accessible to users. 

Moving forward, it will be essential to keep charging infrastructure operational, upkeep its facilities and help users find, access and utilise these stations.

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