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List of dropper apps that can steal your money

Last year Trend Micro found a new dropper version – DawDropper – available on the Google Play Store. Even though Google removed them from the Play Store, these applications may still be on your Android device, and we would advise you to remove them immediately. Here’s the list of those apps:

  1. Call Recorder APK 
  2. Rooster VPN 
  3. Super Cleaner- hyper & smart 
  4. Document Scanner – PDF Creator 
  5. Universal Saver Pro 
  6. Eagle photo editor 
  7. Call recorder pro+ 
  8. Extra Cleaner 
  9. Crypto Utils 
  10. FixCleaner 
  11. Universal Saver Pro 
  12. Lucky Cleaner 
  13. Just In: Video Motion 
  14. Document Scanner PRO
  15. Conquer Darkness
  16. Simpli Cleaner
  17. Unicc QR Scanner 

Google’s policy of banning copycat apps

According to a Google support page apps that clone icons, logos, designs, or titles from other apps will get banned starting August 31st. This also includes VPNs that use the “VPNService” class for tracking user data or redirects to ads to generate “clicks”. But that’s not all that Google plans to do with the ads. The report further says that starting September 30th, Google will prevent developers from broadcasting a full-page ad in mobile games that cannot be closed after 15 seconds and the unexpected ads that appear during/before the loading screen or before a new level starts in mobile games. This, however, won’t be the case with the ads that are used to unlock rewards in the game.

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