Battlegrounds Mobile India alternatives: 5 best BGMI alternatives you can play

The Indian government has banned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in the country. The game is no longer available on Google Play Store and App Store. It’s unclear why the game was banned, but it is speculated that the government banned it over a recent incident where a 16-year-old boy allegedly killed his mother after she stopped him from playing PUBG. This incident was raised in the parliament, and Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar responded by saying that the law enforcement agencies are investigating the matter. Chandrashekhar also said that the government has received reports and grievances of banned apps that have resurfaced on app stores with similar names and new avatars, which may suggest PUBG Mobile’s rebranding as BGMI.

Krafton’s journey with PUBG has been pretty rough in India. PUBG Mobile was banned in the country in 2020 alongside multiple Chinese apps, over concerns regarding the security of India citizens. After overcoming several hurdles, the publisher launched BGMI as a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile, complying with all the laws and making the game much more kid-friendly. However, now the game is banned again with no clarity on when it could come back. Players who already have BGMI installed on their Android smartphones and iPhones can continue to play the game for now. That being said, players who don’t have BGMI installed may need to look at other battle royale shooters. Here are some BGMI alternatives that you can play right now.

Top BGMI alternatives you need to check out

Apex Legends Mobile


Respawn’s Apex Legends was recently ported to mobile phones as Apex Legends Mobile, bringing its signature fast-paced movement and gunplay to Android and iOS. Apex Legends Mobile is a hero shooter that features a huge roster of characters who come with unique tactical abilities that assist you in combat. Apex Legends Mobile has exciting ranked as well as unranked battle royale modes alongside modes like Team Deathmatch, Arenas, and others. Respawn frequently adds new Legends, maps, events, and modes to keep the game interesting.

Download – Google Play Store, App Store

Call of Duty Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Call of Duty Mobile perfectly captures the fan-favourite COD shooting experience. Just like other battle royale games, Call of Duty Mobile has ranked and unranked battle royale modes along with Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Grind, Hardpoint, and more. The game also runs seasonal events and collaborations with other IPs to bring you some new content. Call of Duty Mobile gets frequent content updates that bring new cosmetics, modes, maps, weapons, scorestreaks, and more.

Download – Google Play Store, App Store


Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games out there, which is unfortunately not available on App Store and Google Play Store due to Epic Games’ ongoing lawsuits with Google and Apple. However, you can still sideload the game on Android and play it as usual. Fortnite is known for its vivid and colourful graphics and great gunplay. The game constantly does collaborations with popular IPs such as Naruto, Marvel movies, DC movies, Star Wars, and others.

Download – Epic Games website, Samsung Galaxy Store

PUBG New State Mobile

PUBG New State Mobile is Krafton’s new and futuristic take on its established battle royale formula. Alongside the traditional shooting experience, the game offers drones for supplies, dodging, peeking, and electric vehicles. New State Mobile has also added a fast-paced battle royale mode called BR: Extreme along with a twist on traditional Team Deathmatch called Round Deathmatch, where the playzone shrinks as the round progresses. Besides these, Krafton introduces new weapons, events, weapon customization options, and cosmetics periodically in New State Mobile.

Download – Google Play Store, App Store is unlike any other game on this list. ZombsRoyale is more of an arcade shooter with battle royale flavour. The game has simple controls and mechanics alongside 2D graphics. ZombsRoyale seems to be designed for a much more casual audience compared to other battle royale shooters. Unlike other battle royale games, you have a bird’s eye view and need to shoot from the same perspective in ZombsRoyale. The game has a lot of cosmetics, events, leaderboards, game modes, and more.

Download – Google Play Store, App Store

Will BGMI return to India?

It’s currently unclear whether BGMI will make a comeback in India. It seemed like it was gone for good when PUBG Mobile was banned in 2020, but the game came back as BGMI. The same thing could happen again, but it could take several months. Since BGMI is one of the most popular games in the country, it really hurts the competitive esports scene in India. Currently, the reason behind the BGMI ban is unknown. If the recent incident is sole reason behind BGMI ban, then it doesn’t explain why many fantasy sports and online gambling apps that led people to suicide are still active in the country. Hopefully, the Indian government and Krafton will reach an agreement soon and bring back BGMI.

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