Samsung ‘Greater Than’ Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for August 10th: The foldable story continues |

Samsung astounded the world back in 2019 when the brand revealed the Galaxy Z Fold as the world’s first foldable smartphone. In the following year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip with a horizontally folding design, as an alternative to the vertically folding design of the Galaxy Z Fold. Both these handsets established Samsung as the leading innovator in the foldable smartphone category. With each passing iteration, the Galaxy Z foldable phones have offered drastically improved specifications and class-leading features.

Samsung has now shared a teaser on Twitter that suggests the next-generation models in these series are scheduled to launch on August 10th. The teaser image represents the next Galaxy Z Flip handset from the side in a “Greater Than” symbol shape. As we approach the launch date, let’s dive into how you can watch the launch event and what you can look forward to from these amazing foldable smartphones.

‘Greater Than’ Galaxy Unpacked launch event: Time, date, and how to register

As we mentioned earlier, the ‘Greater Than’ Galaxy Unpacked launch has been scheduled for August 10th. The event will go live at 6:30 pm IST. You can register for the event to receive all updates and watch the live stream of the event. To register, you need to head to this dedicated page on the official Samsung website.

What to expect from the next Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip smartphones?

Samsung Electronics President Dr. TM Roh recently talked about the upcoming foldable smartphones from the brand. Roh said, “This year, we’ve made advancements in every detail and opened the new experiences enabled by these behaviour-shifting devices. I am excited to see people discover new ways to do more of the things they love with the new foldable.”

Talking specifically about the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked on August 10th, Dr. Roh said, “At our upcoming Unpacked on August 10th, you’ll see that the impact of our innovation is not only about what technology can do. It’s about what you can do.” He also said that the company cannot wait to show the potential of its new Samsung Galaxy foldable phones as the ultimate tool for both productivity and self-expression.

Foldable phones are the future

When it comes to smartphone form factors, the candy bar has been a go-to option for most phone makers for a long time. This is primarily because it is rather easy to build a candy bar phone in comparison to a foldable handset and the foldable form factor requires a tremendous amount of research and development before we even get to the manufacturing aspect. But if we talk about the utility, foldable phones outshine candy bar phones in almost every aspect.

Whether it is watching videos, playing games, multitasking or even just clicking pictures, the large display and flexibility in form factor offered by the foldable smartphones is a treat. Moving on to another benefit, if a foldable phone offers a similar-sized display as a candy bar phone, it offers it in a significantly compact form factor. For people who feel that most of the phones in the current market are oversized for their usage, this could be one of the major benefits of owning a foldable smartphone.

As the benefits offered by foldable phones are clear and obvious, people are switching from the candy bar form factor at a faster rate than ever before. As pointed out by Dr. Roh, last year, almost 10 million foldable smartphones were shipped worldwide, which was an industry increase of more than 300 percent from 2020. You can understand from these numbers that this segment is only going to grow from here onwards at a rapid rate. A very good indicator of the rise in demand is that even people who do not own a foldable phone right now are curious about these handsets and have plans to make a shift soon.

Mark your calendars!

We are sure that just like us, you can’t wait for August 10th either and would already be itching to register for the event as soon as possible. As this is our window to the latest tech innovations in the foldable phone segment, we can’t wait to find out what Samsung has in store for us on August 10th. Which form factor do you like better? Which phone are you most excited about? Let us know it all in the comments.

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