Apple Watch Series 8 rugged model to have a bigger screen, large battery and more: Report

This will be the company’s first-ever rugged phone and it might add a suffix of sorts for example the Pro or Max. This model is expected to rock a strong metal case rather than a standard aluminium construction and a large screen that is almost 2-inch diagonally.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 is said to offer roughly around 7 percent more screen real estate than the previous Apple Watch Series 7 with a resolution of 502 X 410 pixels while retaining the same sharpness. In comparison, the 45mm Watch Series 7 has a 1.9-inch large display with a resolution of 484 x 396 pixels.

Furthermore, Apple’s upcoming rugged watch aims to improve battery life as well by increasing the battery under the metal hood. Unfortunately, the rest of the hardware details are kept under wraps, which is expected. We can speculate it could handle drops on hard surfaces better than previous standard models.

For the kind of large screen, it isn’t a mystery on what the extra screen real estate on the rugged 2022 Apple Watch will mainly be used. it will have support for in-depth features like activity tracking, workout plans and most importantly, body temperature as well.

Either way, with the kind of rugged build, shatter-resistant screen and top of the line software-aided features, the price could become a problem for general audience to purchase, which obviously will be higher than the standard stainless steel model. But since the company is having multiple models, we believe they should cater to multiple audiences especially since they all pack the same processor.

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