Apex Legends Mobile: How to get Game Master Loba skin, more for free

Respawn has added Loba to Apex Legends Mobile in the latest update. Loba is known for her ability to gather high-tier loot for herself and her allies. The new character comes with her own in-game event called Loba’s Soiree that rewards you with cosmetics, XP, Flux, and diamonds. During this event, you can easily get the rare Game Master Loba skin for free by just playing the brand-new Winter Warfare battle royale mode. Here’s how you can get free skins, diamonds, and XP in Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile Loba’s Soiree event challenges

Apex Legends Mobile

Open the Seasonal Events tab in Apex Legends Mobile to access the Loba’s Soiree event. After opening the event page, you can see the rewards and challenges that come with the Loba’s Soiree event. You can click on the ‘+’ button to check out all the event challenges, which are listed below:

  • Play 1 battle royale match – 1 GPS
  • Open 3 Frosted Supply Bins daily – 2 GPS
  • Loot 200 diamonds daily – 2 GPS
  • Loot 1000 diamonds – 3 GPS
  • Open 20 Frosted Supply Bins – 3 GPS

Completing these challenges is quite easy and you will be able to complete all of them within a few matches. You can find diamonds and Frosted Supply Bins in the Winter Warfare battle royale mode only. When the climatizer is activated in the Winter Warfare battle royale mode, you will be able to see Diamond Supply Bins as well as Frosted Supply Bins on your map. You can also earn diamonds by defeating enemies.

Apex Legends Mobile Loba’s Soiree event rewards

Apex Legends Mobile Loba’s Soiree event prize pool features:

  • 30 Flux
  • 2,000 XP
  • 2,000 diamonds
  • 60 Flux
  • 3,000 XP
  • 3,000 diamonds
  • Snow Queen avatar portrait
  • Skyrise Mozambique skin
  • Game Master Loba skin

How to get free Game Master Loba skin, diamonds, more in Apex Legends Mobile

As you complete various challenges in Apex Legends Mobile, you will receive GPS that can be used to draw for event rewards. The cost of drawing will increase as you continue to play the game and draw. Check out the cost of each draw below:

  • First draw – 1 GPS
  • Second and third draw – 2 GPS
  • Fourth and fifth draw – 3 GPS
  • Sixth and seventh draw – 4 GPS
  • Final draw – 5 GPS

The event draw will give you random rewards from the reward pool after you click the Open button. The reward that you have already obtained will not be drawn twice, which will increase your chances of getting the rare Game Master Loba skin. You will need 23 GPS in total to get all the rewards of the Apex Legends Mobile Loba’s Soiree event.

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