Top Apple iOS 16 Developer Beta 2 Features And Changes In The New Release

At the WWDC 2022 on June 6, Apple unveiled the iOS 16, and the same day, it released the first developer beta update for the interested users. Although it carried the bulk of new features announced as part of the iOS 16 keynote, there’s a new version here. The company has rolled out the Developer Beta 2 of iOS 16 now and it brings with it a few new features, and some changes, besides a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. C’mon, let’s have a look at the ones that caught our attention.

Top Apple iOS 16 Developer Beta 2 Features And Changes

1. New lock screen wallpaper filters named Duotone and Color Wash within the customization mode.

2.  iCloud Backups are now possible over 4G LTE and 5G too besides WiFi.

3. The default iOS 16 video player lets you hold press and scroll back and forth through a video.

4. Focus Mode Statuses to the apps can be set in a way that select focus modes will intimate the apps while others won’t.

iOS 16 Beta 2 features

5. Mail App will automatically trash emails from blocked senders. You can change the Mail settings to allow them in the inbox too.

6. Messages can filter incoming SMSs from unknown numbers in 12 sub-categories within the Transaction and Promotion categories for “improved organization”. Dual SIM iPhones can also filter SMSs on the basis of SIMs.

We will keep you posted on other changes and features we find as we dig through the new iOS 16 build. Meanwhile, you can checkout the iOS 16 Developer Beta 2 release notes from Apple.

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