Intel 4 Could Deliver 20% Higher Clock Speeds At Similar Power Consumption

The Intel 4 could potentially offer 20% higher clock speeds at a similar power consumption compared to the Intel 7 according to a new leak. This could mean that CPUs can breach the 6GHz mark if it applies to higher frequencies. 

Leaked slides from Intel’s forthcoming presentation at the IEEE VLSI Symposium 2022 shared details of the Intel 4 process node and a die shot of the Meteor Lake-P processor which remains unreleased as of now. The 14th-gen Meteor Lake CPUs are expected to be released in 2023, following the Raptor Lake release this year. 

More details on Intel 4

The use of EUV lithography in-depth is something to note in the Intel 4 nodes. Intel claim as much as twice the high-performance library space scaling when compared to the Intel 7. The Intel 4 will also be suited to the EMIB and Foveros packaging and applied sciences. With Intel aiming for over a 20% increase in clock speeds, we can expect 6GHz on higher-end CPUs. 

The die shot shows the compute tile of a 14th-generation Meteor Lake-P cell chip. It has six P-cores and eight E-cores and employs the previously mentioned Intel 4 node. The CPU will also have an I/O tile, SOC tile, and graphics tile, with the latter expected to use TSMC’s N3 node. According to previous rumours, the desktop CPUs will indeed require a completely new LGA 1851 socket rather than LGA 2551.

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