Watch: Need for Speed Mobile gameplay, cars, map revealed in leaked video |

Reddit user u/Clxbsport has leaked a gameplay video of Need for Speed Mobile. The gameplay looks like pretty much what you would expect from a mobile racing game such as NFS or Asphalt 9. Another Reddit user u/NFSLYY has shared even more details regarding the game.

In the testing stage, there are three cars in NFS Mobile including the McLaren F1, Gallardo, and Lamborghini Aventador SVJR. The game is built using Unreal Engine 4 and it currently has the map from NFS Heat with some minor changes. Unlike other NFS titles, NFS Mobile does not have a story mode or cops. Since this seems like a test build of the game, many of these details may not be final yet.

NFS Mobile is expected to be an open-world game. It remains to be seen how EA and Tencent use the open world to add more content to the game. With an empty open world, the game could have you just driving around to reach the starting line of your next race, which could get boring pretty quickly.

As EA has already begun testing NFS Mobile, players can expect some official announcement or a trailer soon. It’s unclear whether the game would be free-to-play or come at a premium price. Considering how profitable free-to-play mobile games are, especially in markets like India, it won’t be surprising to see NFS Mobile go free-to-play with paid cosmetics. Hopefully, EA will share more details about NFS Mobile soon.

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