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In a move to protect the privacy of callers, Google has officially removed all third-party call recording apps from its app marketplace Play Store. This comes in as a change made to Google Play Policy a couple of weeks back, which states that app developers utilising Android’s ‘Accessibility API’ cannot use it for the purpose of recording calls. This particular change finally comes into place today, and it might render most of the third-party call recording apps on the Play Store useless.

What does it mean for Android users?

Users will no longer be able to download and install call recording apps from Google Play Store. The search giant has previously tried many ways to get rid of call recording on Android due to security concerns of the users as well as varied call recording laws in different countries.

For those unaware, Google has officially blocked call recording starting with Android 10 by disallowing any app to access the microphone during a call. Despite that, app developers have always found one or the other way such as the ‘Accessibility API’ to bypass Android’s guidelines and provide the call recording functionality in their apps.

How the ban on third-party call recording apps will impact users?

Android mobile phone users will not be able to record calls, incoming as well outgoing made through the network or WhatsApp, using these apps. Following and complying with the new Google Play Policy, renowned caller ID and spam blocking app Truecaller has removed its call recording feature from the app which was seemingly using Google’s Accessibility API to allow users to record calls by making it the default dialer on Android phones.

How can you record voice calls on your Android device now?

As notified, this policy change does not affect the in-built native call recording functionality. This native call recording functionality is available with OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, and other OEMs’ dialler apps. Moreover, Google Phone app, which is the default dialer app on most mobile phones including stock Android, also comes with call recording functionality. That said, the app informs the user that the call is being recorded, with a voice-over, leaving behind no privacy concerns. If you are wondering how to use the app to record calls, click here.

There might be a possibility that phones with the third-party call recording apps installed may still be able to record calls even after the ban. That said, new users won’t be able to download them.

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