Vivo T2 moniker spotted on the IMEI database, launch imminent

Vivo T2 visits IMEI database

As seen in the image above, the Vivo T2 has recently popped up on the IMEI database. Unfortunately, the database listing does not reveal the model number of the Vivo T2, which would have helped us understand as to which country this device would potentially belong to. In all likelihood, this could be the Chinese variant of the Vivo T2, as we can expect the device (or the series) to launch first in China. In any case, the Indian launch of the Vivo T2 series must also be imminent, once the devices launch in China.

As of now, only the vanilla Vivo T2 has been listed on the IMEI database, but given the brand’s history, we can expect the Vivo T2 Pro to start appearing on more certification listings in the coming days. As for the specifications, little is known about the Vivo T2 for now, but we can expect the device to be a 5G smartphone and come with upgraded specifications and features when compared with the already launched Vivo T1.

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