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There are plenty of desktop monitors available on Amazon India across various price ranges. If you’re looking to purchase a monitor on a budget, we have listed the best options available on Amazon under Rs 10,000. All these monitors deliver full HD resolution, while some even offer high-refresh rates and support for AMD FreeSync. If you are looking for an affordable monitor for your setup, your search ends here. Here are the best desktop monitors that you can buy from Amazon India.

Things to consider when buying monitors

Monitor Size: One of the first things to consider when buying monitors is to focus on the monitor size. A monitor of 24-inch with a 1080p (FHD) resolution should be enough for most needs, including. But sometimes, the size depends on the factors such as the space on your desk or if your work involves having multiple browser tabs or app windows open simultaneously. We recommend that you consider your requirements and then make a purchase decision.

Monitor type: Most monitors come in three types: TN, IPS, and OLED. The TN type panels are the oldest forms of LCD. They’re generally affordable, have high contrast ratios, and latencies as low as 1ms. Their high response times are the reason most gamers still prefer them. But they do have a major drawback of having narrow viewing angles. It isn’t uncommon for TN panels to have their colours completely inverted when viewed from extreme angles. If you’re after high viewing angles and colour accuracy you should turn to either IPS or OLED panels. Expensive as they may be, you do get the best picture quality possible with them.

Ergonomics: Ergonomics are the next thing you need to consider before purchasing any monitor. Make sure the monitor is height adjustable and features a swivel design so you can adjust it based on the sitting position you’re comfortable with. Some monitors can also be tilted to give good viewing angles.

FreeSync or G-Sync: If you’re buying the monitor for gaming make sure it comes with FreeSync or G-Sync capabilities. These technologies basically help you avoid screen tearing, refresh rate issues, and graphic glitches when playing fast-paced games. Gamers also need to focus on the display refresh rate, as having a higher refresh rate monitor gives you more frames per second games, especially useful if you play fast-paced real-time multiplayer games such as battle royals, wherein each frame counts.

Response rate: If you plan to use the monitor for gaming, you should look for the response rate the panel has. Response rate is the time it takes for a pixel to change its colour from black to white or one shade of grey to another. The faster pixels change their colour the smoother moving game environment you get. A lower response rate will also reduce motion blurs during fast camera moments and ghosting effects due to similar reasons. Look for a low response rate for a better gaming experience.

Best monitors on Amazon under Rs 10,000

1. Acer Nitro QG221Q 21.5 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Feature packed

The 21.5-inch Acer Nitro monitor is a TN type monitor. You’re going to especially like this monitor if you are a gamer as it includes features like a 75Hz high refresh rate, 1ms of low response rate, and support for Integrated AMD FreeSync technology. Combined, you can be sure you are going to get a smooth and glitch-free gaming experience. The monitor has a Full HD resolution, and in terms of connectivity, it has one VGA port and two HDMI (1.4) ports. The manufacturer is also bundling HDMI and VGA cables with the package. Acer has also included features like ComfyView Display with Bluelight Shield certification so your eyes don’t fatigue when gaming or doing work for long hours. It is also flicker-less and comes with a low dimming feature for an even more stress-free viewing experience. The included Acer Game Modes help you set colour profiles for different games so you can get the best experience out of your favourite games. It also features Black Boost with 11 levels of dark level adjustments.

2. LG Full HD (22 inches) Gaming Monitor

Feature packed

The 22-inch LG TN monitor has a Full HD resolution. You get a 1ms low response rate for smoother game environment rendering and an anti-glare coating for low light reflection. Additionally, it also supports a 75Hz of high refresh rate and supports AMD Radeon FreeSync for fluid and tear-free game rendering. The manufacturer is noting that FreeSync is available only when the monitor is connected via a Display Port or HDMI port. The Dynamic Action Sync feature makes sure there is a minimal lag while playing real-time gaming. And the Black Stabilizer feature adjusts the picture so you can easily view the darkest of areas in the game. You get on-screen controls in an easy to access window for customising essential features like volume, brightness, picture mode presets, Screen Split 2.0, Dual Controller, and more. Additionally, the monitor can be tilted to provide you with the best sitting position and viewing angles. You can also wall-mount the monitor with the included Vesa wall mount if needed. This is another feature-packed monitor you can consider for your gaming needs. Ports include HDMI, D-Sub, and headphone out ports.

3. 22B2HM AOC Monitor

Also consider

This VA panel monitor sports an ultra-slim form factor and packs a 21.5-inch Full HD display surrounded by fairly thin bezels for more screen real estate. This one features a 6.5ms of low response rate and 75Hz high refresh rate for smooth and responsive gaming. This monitor can also be wall-mounted via a Vesa wall mount. And in terms of connectivity, you get VGA and HDMI 1.4 ports. With 178/178 degrees viewing angles you’ll get a consistent image quality and colour reproduction. The anti-tearing feature Adaptive-Sync takes care of the that there is screen tearing while gaming. The AOC Low Blue Mode ensure the monitor emits less blue light so the eyes remain fatigue-free. The feature also makes sure the clours in the images stay accurate even when filtering out blue light. Additionally, the AOC flicker-free technology uses a DC (Direct Current) backlight system so the eyes remain unaffected by any flickers. Further, the built-in multitasking software Screen+ allows you to easily split, resize, and organise app windows so you can increase your productivity.

4. Acer SA220Q 21.5 Inch

Feature packed

This Acer monitor comes with a 21.5-inch IPS display and features an ultra-thin design majoring just about 6.6mm. You get Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and 178-degree wide viewing angles. The monitor features a flicker-less technology and Eye Care features, which together reduce eye fatigue and excess blue light exposure. The panel supports up to 72% NTSC colour gamut and is also MPR II Certified. The Comfyview display limits light reflections from ambient light sources for a comfortable viewing experience. The ports include one VGA port and one HDMI port. Additionally, Acer has included an HDMI Cable in the box packaging. The monitor can be tilted to provide you with a comfortable sitting position and accurate colour reproduction. Gaming features include support for a low 4ms response time, a 75Hz high refresh rate, and AMD Free Sync capabilities. Its thin bezels ensure there are no distractions when using a multi-monitor setup. Users recommend the value for money factor and feature-rich design.

5. LG Full HD 22 inches

Feature packed

The 22-inch LG monitor comes with a 75Hz high refresh rate for a fluid moving game rendering. The VA technology used to build technology offers high contrast ratios in images. The monitor can be tilted to provide you with a comfortable sitting position and its uni-body design allows for efficient space utilisation. The compatibility with AMD FreeSync makes sure there is no screen tearing while playing fast-paced games like Battle Royales. It also optimises dark areas in the game so you can see every ongoing action via the Black Stablizer feature. It also supports the Crosshair feature for more accurate and precise aiming in first-person shooter games. You also get features like Easy Viewing and Comfort reading, which together give you an easy and stress-free reading experience. You can also wall mount this monitor if needed via a VESA wall mount. In terms of connectivity, you get one HDMI and one D-Sub port. Users like the monitor for its great colour reproduction and value for money factor.

6. Philips 221S8LHSB/94

Feature packed

One of our top picks comes from Philips, which has its 21.5-inch monitor up for grabs. It delivers a 1ms response time, and the brand has given it a premium touch with its slim bezel design for a bigger screen footprint. The screen has a 1080p resolution and delivers crisp visuals. The display supports a 60Hz refresh rate, and the LED panel comes with a read mode for a convenient viewing experience. The comfort of your eyes is well taken care of, thanks to the blue light filter built into the panel.

7. LG 22 inch 22MK400H

Best in class

LG has a budget gaming monitor that serves the purpose of a regular work screen as well. It sports a 21.5-inch anti-glare display with support for Full HD resolution at 1920×1080 pixels. For gaming purposes, LG has equipped the screen with a 75Hz refresh rate and response time of 1ms. It packs Radeon Freesync technology that delivers smooth gaming performance along with features like Dynamic Action Sync, Crosshair and more. For connectivity, the monitor has an HDMI port, D-Sub and a headphone-out port.

8. Lenovo D19-10


Lenovo’s HD-ready monitor for your PC comes with a sleek and compact design which makes it easy to place anywhere. The monitor features an 18.5-inch HD resolution screen which offers a strain-free viewing experience. It protects your eyes from blue light emission as well, allowing you to use the screen for long hours without any discomfort. The display offers wide viewing angles, allowing a balanced colour output. The monitor comes with a slew of connectivity ports and offers good cable management.

9. Acer Aopen 22CH1Q

User recommended

Acer’s Aopen has the 22CH1Q for you in this budget and the feature-rich monitor is worth checking out. As the name hints, it sports a 21.5-inch Full HD LED panel display for power-efficient performance and has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It produces 200 nits of brightness and offers 16.7 million colours. The display has a response time of 5ms, which although not good enough for competitive gaming, is good enough for productivity and other tasks. Acer has equipped the model with BlueLightShield and Flickerless technology which delivers a comfortable viewing experience.

10. ViewSonic VA2223H

Also consider

ViewSonic also throws its name into the ring with its VA2223H monitor that offers 102% SRGB colour output along with 250 nits of brightness. It supports a 60Hz refresh rate along with a 5ms response time. ViewSonic has added different modes like game, movie, web and text, so you can get a refined experience based on what you are doing. It also has an eco-mode which uses less power. This monitor is perfect for users who want to do video editing and colour grading on their machine as its wide coverage of SRGB ensures colour-accurate performance.

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