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There are times when you do not see posts from people you follow on Instagram. It is a result of the feed refreshing constantly. And the posts on the homepage are not even sorted in a chronological manner. Instagram has fixed all these issues in a recent update by providing users with the option to view posts chronologically. Instagrammers now get more control over their feed. Read along to find out what is Instagram’s Chronological feed and how to change your Instagram feed to the chronological order. 

What is Instagram’s Chronological Feed? 

Chronological feed on Instagram is watching the feeds in order – from latest to old. It was reintroduced back in March after getting rid of the chronological feed in favour of an engagement-based ranking in 2016. The latter would show posts from accounts users didn’t follow and mix the recent posts with old posts, making it difficult to guess which ones are new.

The Instagram Chronological feed is not enabled by default and comes with two options: Favorites and Following. Here are all the details:

Favorites feed

The Favorites feed will display posts from your friends, influencers, or whoever you plan on adding to the list. Adding users to this list also results in these accounts showing up higher on your home feed. Also, this feed is sorted in a chronological manner. 

One thing to note is that you can’t add more than 50 users to this list. 50 is the maximum number of users that can be added to the favorites feed, and it is a possibility that this number might increase in the future if the need arises. 


The Following feed displays posts from all users you follow. Again posts in this feed are also sorted in chronological order, so you do not miss out on any recent posts, which usually get buried under suggested posts. 

How to change to Instagram feed to a Chronological order 

Now, that you know what Chronological feed on Instagram is, here’s how you can enable it:

Instagram Chronological feed
  • Firstly, make sure you have updated the Instagram app to the latest version
  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap on the Instagram logo at the top left corner.
  • Now, select the Following option. 

    And, done. You can now view posts from all the people you follow in chronological order. 


    How to add users to the Favorite list 

    Instagram Chronological Feed

    1. Open the Instagram app.
    2. Tap on the Instagram logo at the top left corner.
    3. Now, select the Favorites option.
    4. You can add users to the list by tapping on Add Favorites or by selecting the option on the top right corner of the screen.
    5. Select users you want to add to your Favorites list on the next page and tap Confirm Favorites

    You’ve successfully added users to your favorites list. Also, remember that you can only add up to 50 members to your Favorite list. 

    How to refresh Instagram 

    Follow these steps to refresh your Instagram timeline. 

    1. Open the Instagram app.
    2. Drag the homepage below and let go when you see the refreshing icon

    You’ve successfully refreshed your Instagram timeline. 

    How to set Instagram Chronological feed as the default feed

    I hate to break it to you, but you cannot set your Instagram feed in chronological order. If you want to view posts in chronological order, you will need to switch to the Following or the Favorites feed. 

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