Upcoming Tata Motors electric cars may get Tesla-like autonomous driving feature

Tata Motors recently showcased the Curvv and Avinya concept cars. The Avinya concept car is based on a new “Born Electric” skateboard platform that is specifically made for EVs. 

Autonomous driving functions in the pipeline

The Tata Curvv concept and the Tata Avinya concept have captured the fancy of many and demonstrate the Indian auto-giants prowess in the automotive sector. The company plans to introduce next-generation platforms to serve as the pillar for its next generation of EV vehicles. 

The Tata Curvv and Tata Avinya concepts are especially unique as they will introduce the Gen 2 and Gen 3 electric platforms from Tata Motors. The Tata Avinya concept car is an important piece of the puzzle as the models spawning from this will be capable of incorporating higher levels of autonomous driving. The autonomous driving aspect is being handled by Anand Kulkarni, VP- Product Line and Operations, TPEM division. The Avinya concept and the underlying architecture can utilise Level 3 or higher levels of autonomous driving. 

If sufficient demand is estimated, according to Kulkarni, a fully autonomous driving system can also be deployed. However, at the moment, only a handful of cars in the market offer higher levels of autonomous driving. A prime example of this is Tesla cars, which has plans to enter the Indian market.

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