Tata Avinya EV concept car revealed: India launch timeline, range, features

Tata Avinya EV concept design

Tata Avinya EV concept has ‘Butterfly’ doors to provide the impression of expansive interiors. Tata has termed the Avinya concept’s sunroof – the skydome. The EV also has a console-inspired steering wheel with a voice-activated system for all of its occupants and an aroma diffuser to offer a sense of serenity. The front of the EV has a black panel, and the bumper is sculpted.

The Tata Avinya EV concept has a versatile design that features advanced driver aid systems. Tata stated that Avinya would come with improved water and dust protection and increased structural safety. The EV flaunts lightweight materials and an adapted frame for an EV-only powertrain to reduce and manage overall weight. It has a sleek T shaped LED strip connected to the headlamps, which acts as an integrated LED during the day.

Tata Avinya concept

The Avinya concept’s battery supports ultra-fast charging technology. In terms of range, you should expect a minimum of 500km in under 30 minutes of charge.

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