WhatsApp Payments in India now offers cashback up to Rs 33, here’s how to avail

This comes just days after WhatsApp has received regulatory approval to expand its payment service to 100 million users in India. This comes as a speed breaker for WhatsApp which wanted to aggressively expand its WhatsApp payment service throughout the country.

WhatsApp payments cashback

WhatsApp Payment service is built-in the application and the platform is running a campaign where users can get Rs 11 up to three times if they send money to three different users on the app. The company is extending the benefit to users who have been using the service for at least 30 days and have registered for payments on WhatsApp with their bank account.

For those unaware, WhatsApp first tested the cashback reward back in November 2021. The company had earlier offered Rs 51 for doing payments through the app. The cashback will be credited instantly. The company has specific transaction types where the cashback won’t be available. These include:

The following transaction types aren’t eligible for cashback:

  • When Payments are done when you no longer see the promotion banner or gift icon in the app
  • QR code payments
  • Payments made on collect requests
  • Payments made by entering the UPI ID of the recipient
  • Payments on third party online apps using WhatsApp

There’s also an eligibility criteria for customers to get cashback. They should see a promotion banner within the app or a gift icon when they’re sending money to an eligible customer. They should be a WhatsApp user for at least 30 days, while WhatsApp Business accounts are not eligible for this promotion. The contact you’re sending money to should be a WhatsApp user who has registered for payments on WhatsApp in India. Lastly, users should be on the latest version of WhatsApp.

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