Call of Duty: Mobile teases new pistol and map for upcoming Season 3 update

Call of Duty: Mobile has teased a new weapon and an all-new multiplayer map for its upcoming Season 3 update. The ongoing Season 2 Day of Reckoning of COD Mobile will conclude in five days after which the game will be updated with new content for Season 3. The developers have started teasing some of the key features of the upcoming Season 3 update including a new map and weapons.

According to multiple tweets by the official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter handle, the Season 3 update will bring in a new pistol to the new season. The devs have posted a silhouette image of the secondary weapon that many Modern Warfare players immediately recognized as the Renetti semi-auto pistol. Having said that, the developers are yet to confirm the name of this upcoming pistol. 

The Renetti is known for its close-quarters prowess and has a large 15-round magazine that entails moderate damage to enemies. This pistol is also expected to be available with the Akimbo perk which will let players dual-wield the pistol for maximum damage.

The devs have also started teasing a new map for the next season which looks similar to the existing Tunisia map. The environment is vibrant and the company has confirmed that it is a new multiplayer map, without giving us any more details. As shown in a previous teaser, the new map has multiple levels that offer multiple vantage points to players. More details about the map will be revealed during the release of the Season 3 update.

Apart from this, the upcoming Season 3 update is also slated to bring in the PP19 Bizon SMG with decent mobility and rate of fire. The devs have also revealed that they will be adding a Zombie mode to the game sometime later this year.


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