MTM-5 Accounting And Finance For Managers In Tourism

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MTM-5 Accounting And Finance For Managers In Tourism (Edition 2019)


Block 1 Accounting Framework
Unit 1 Accounting and its Functions
Unit 2 Accounting Concepts and Standards
Unit 3 Accounting Information and its Applications

Block 2 Understanding Financial Statements

Unit 4 Construction and Analysis of Balance Sheet
Unit 5 Construction and Analysis of Profit and Loss Account
Unit 6 Construction and Analysis of Funds Flow and Cash Flow Statements

Block 3 Cost Management

Unit 7 Understanding and Classifying Costs
Unit 8 Absorption and Marginal Costing
Unit 9 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Unit 10 Variance Analysis

Block 4 Financial and Investment Analysis

Unit 11 Financial Management: An Introduction
Unit 12 Ratio Analysis
Unit 13 Leverage Analysis
Unit 14 Budgeting and Budgetary Control

Block 5 Financial Decisions

Unit 15 Investment Appraisal Methods
Unit 16 Management of Working Capital
Unit 17 Capital Structure
Unit 18 Dividend Decisions

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